Russian River Pliny the Elder

Beer Shopping Trip

Another half day Friday at work…sorta. Had a very early morning and an afternoon meeting after I had already gone home. My half day turned into 2 hours (max) really off. This evening got exciting though. After some brief Christmas shopping we hit up our local liquor store Julios. I came home with a mixed six pack. WOO HOO.

Pliny the Elder

Last night I mentioned on Twitter that I had a bottle of Pliny the Elder in the fridge and it had been there for a few weeks. I immediately caught flak from a large number of people. The beer apparently isn’t supposed to be aged (see above label). OOPS!

This beer has all kinds of hype around it. It’s availability is pretty limited. My buddy Adam got me a bottle of the stuff probably 4-6 weeks ago and I forgot about it! My bad.

The label says to drink fresh, or not at all, so I guess I’ll just water my plants with the Pliny…

Pliny the Elder

OK, just kidding. I’m reviewing it anyway. It was bottled almost exactly 2 months ago. Not super fresh, but not super aged either.

To all the beer douches who are about to yell at me for “ruining” an awesome beer, don’t bother. IT’S JUST A BEER. /rant off

Pliny the Elder

Ranting and joking aside, I am excited to try the beer. Many would say it’s being wasted on me. I’m not a hop head, and prefer sweet beers. Once again…whateverrrrrr (spoken like a valley girl).

Pliny the Elder

I’m actually surprised that I don’t dislike the beer. Although super piney, it’s super smooth too. It’s almost like putting hops in your mouth, minus abrasive overpowering flavor. Very interesting how they have achieved such a pure hop flavor, but little actual bitterness.

I can see why people are bonkers for the beer. They definitely have done something interesting here. I’m glad I got to try it, and might even give it another go given the opportunity. Maybe even with a fresh bottle. :)


Pliny the Elder

Author: Joshua Dion

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