Silvio Saturday – Kennebunkport IPA and Pumpkin Ale

Not much going down in my household today. Bday party later tonight with some asynchronous Bruins watching. The morning was spent playing Dead Rising 2. The afternoon will be spent cleaning house unfortunately. For the first time in a few weeks I’m actually home on Saturday and can post Silvio’s weekly review on Saturday, correctly meeting the “Silvio Saturday” requirement. Check out his review below.

Kennebunkport  Pumpkin Ale

Ah, the weekend before Thanksgiving. Short week ahead, lots of cooking to plan for, and thankfully very little traveling to do (Unlike most, Wifey and I stay in DC for the holiday so we don’t have to deal with awful I-95). I’m definitely looking forward to a relaxing week – with plenty of time to drink beer and watch football :). I’m polishing off the last of my “reviewing” beer today (Kennebunkport’s Pumpkin Ale and IPA) in anticipation of another epic beer store run later today.

As I’m sitting down to write this review, I noticed fellow guest beer blogger W.L. Wittstruck recently posted a review of the Pumpkin Ale – somehow I missed it, but since I’m out of beer and had a different experience than W.L., I’m going to post my thoughts anyway. Apologies to Josh, W.L., and the LIBA nation.

I’ll start with the Pumpkin Ale’s aroma. This is perhaps the best-smelling pumpkin ale I’ve ever tried. It literally smells like a pumpkin pie straight out of the oven – tons of nutmeg and cinnamon and that squashy pumpkin smell. It’s got a fairly dark amber color, and is really very carbonated with lots of tiny bubbles. Surprisingly, they don’t equal a foam head.

Kennebunkport  Pumpkin Ale

Taste wise, the beer is very light but pungent. The nutmeg and cinnamon aromas really pull through into a spicy combo at the start, toward the middle I got a lot of the neutral starchy pumpkin taste, and hints of sweetness toward the end. The ABV is manageable at 4.7%, which is a good thing because this beer is incredibly drinkable and you can crush a six pack without even thinking twice (in fact, that’s exactly what I did last Sunday).

Kennebunkport  IPA

I moved over to the Kennebunkport IPA and have to admit I’m a bit surprised at the drop off between these two beers from the same brewery. Don’t get me wrong, this is a decent beer, but it pretty indistinct from any other IPA – quite different from the awesome Pumpkin. The color is quite dark, clear and copper. There’s a decent bit of carbonation, but much less than the Pumpkin and without any foam.

The smell is decently hoppy, but nowhere near stanky. The taste is alright, with malts on the front and a transition to hops in the middle before ending on a long bitter note. The aftertaste is definitely hoppy, and sticks around for a while. The ABV is decent at 6%, but you’ll get hints of the alcohol while drinking it and I felt like I had more to drink than I had actually drunk, if that makes sense.

All in all, I’d split my recommendations – definitely try the pumpkin, but steer clear of the IPA.


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