Southampton Publick House Double White Ale

Man, this weekend has been rough. Friday night Melissa and I stayed in and got pretty lit up on our own. Last night we went to Waltham to hang out with Sean & Kerry. That too turned into a booze fest. Today was definitely a recovery day. I’m still not 100%. I was out of the house all day yesterday and didn’t get a chance to post Silvio’s Saturday review, so here you go: Silvio Sunday.

Southampton Publick House Double White Ale

Last night wifey and I headed out to the movies, and hit up Rock Bottom for a few beers before heading in. While we were there, I had their fall seasonal, which was quite spicy and enjoyable. I’ve been drinking a lot of IPAs lately, so I decided to stick with the spicy theme for this week’s review.

I’m still working my way through my most recent beer store run, and settled upon Southampton’s Public House Double White. The pour was a cloudy, very pale yellow color and the aroma was a pretty remarkable citrus blend of lemon and orange, with some spices in the background.

The taste is quite interesting – it’s not hit-you-over the head spicy, but has a serious lemon flavor. At first, I thought it reminded me of Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy (which unlike Josh, I love), but as the beer warmed and I drank it down, it tasted much more like a sweet lemon bar dessert than tart lemonade. The spices also became more apparent as it warmed and I picked up some cloves and coriander. Interestingly enough, the spices gave it a creamy taste instead The ABV clocks in at a decent 6.6%.

One additional note that may affect other LIBA readers’ experience is the absence of the yeast at the bottom of the bottle. I’ve come across this in other Double Whites, and the bottle’s label lets drinkers know about it ahead of time. I typically pour the leftover yeast into my beer, but didn’t see any in the bottle, so you may have different tastes when trying this brew if you get the yeast.
Overall, this is a pretty darn good beer. It would probably be best during the summer, but I’d recommend it year-round whenever you’re looking for a spicy classic white.


Southampton Publick House Double White Ale

Author: Silvio

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