21st Amendment Fireside Chat

21st Amendment Fireside Chat

I had to rush home tonight to go to a networking event with the wife. We just got back. Free food, great networking, and we also won tickets to see the Worcester Sharks. Not bad!

Last night I had all the plans in the world to review 21st Amendment Fireside Chat. And then I fell asleep on the couch. It’s on like Donkey Kong now though baby!

21st Amendment Fireside Chat

I had Fireside chat a few weeks ago in a bar. I was immediately a HUGE fan. This beer (a winter warmer by style) has sent me on a mission to find more like it.

Now that I’m trying the brew from a can, either my memory serves me poorly, or the draught was simply way better. Where I raved about the beer after having it on tap, I’m not as excited with the can. I remember the beer being more spicy and having more character. Instead I’m getting a bit of a nutty flavor up front with some limited spice afterwards.

I’ll finish by saying I can’t wait to find it on tap again.


POST REVIEW EDIT: After announcing my review on twitter, my buddy @r3creative asked me: “Did you get any sour notes from The Fireside Chat?”. OMFG…yes. I didn’t realize it before, but I was getting this funky flavor I couldn’t describe. It totally was sour. Bleck! Wonder if there is a bad batch of this stuff going around the Massachusetts area? I can’t imagine the brew is supposed to taste sour.

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11 thoughts on “21st Amendment Fireside Chat”

  1. Interesting…

    I had this last week in a local pub, on tap, for $2! Woot Woot. It tasted fantastic as well. I haven’t had it out of the can yet so I can’t verify your theory about a bad batch around there. I’m pretty close to the brewery in regards to you. If I get spunky in the next couple of days, I’ll pick up a batch and test it out, because like I said, damn fine and tasty.

    Was it sour like a sour ale or sour like a grapefruit?

    Mike’s Brew Review

      1. I hear ya.

        Its not always easy to remember flavors, especially in the case of a beer that doesn’t have any strong characteristics. However, in this case you get the sour.

        I may have to go pick up a sixer. I’m not a fan of how expensive they are though. Its good beer, but it still hurts the pocket book.

        Mike’s Brew Review

  2. I had it just last night at the brewery. Again, the tap version tasted great. I didn’t taste any sour notes. That’s odd. I’m now anxious to buy a few cans just to compare.

    If you are looking for other winter warmers check out Winter Welcome from Samuel Smith and Gouden Carolus Noel. Both are excellent takes on winter beers.

  3. You know, something from the tap in 21st Amendment’s IPA and Watermelon Wheat seems to be lost when they put it in a can. It’s not so much a sour note, but the flavors just seem a lot less vibrant in a can.

  4. I actually just reviewed this myself in my most recent post. I was at a party drinking it out of a can, but got to take one home and pour it in a glass. I actually didn’t get any sour notes and thought it was great. Maybe the batch you had was shipped poorly or something?

    1. My twitter buddy r3creative and I live close to each other. We both got sour flavors, making me think there is a batch out there that is bad. Dunno how that happens, but I know it does happen, as previously I’ve had beers that have gone bad.


  5. I have not had the Fireside Chat yet, but have heard from a few people that it had the sourness to it. I will have to try it, and see if that is what I taste as well

  6. Not only did I have a sour Fireside Chat (and not in a good way) I had a slightly less sour Back in Black the following week. Both were off enough for me to avoid 21st ammendment for the forseeable future, and I’m on the west coast/

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