21st Amendment Fireside Chat

21st Amendment Fireside Chat

I had to rush home tonight to go to a networking event with the wife. We just got back. Free food, great networking, and we also won tickets to see the Worcester Sharks. Not bad!

Last night I had all the plans in the world to review 21st Amendment Fireside Chat. And then I fell asleep on the couch. It’s on like Donkey Kong now though baby!

21st Amendment Fireside Chat

I had Fireside chat a few weeks ago in a bar. I was immediately a HUGE fan. This beer (a winter warmer by style) has sent me on a mission to find more like it.

Now that I’m trying the brew from a can, either my memory serves me poorly, or the draught was simply way better. Where I raved about the beer after having it on tap, I’m not as excited with the can. I remember the beer being more spicy and having more character. Instead I’m getting a bit of a nutty flavor up front with some limited spice afterwards.

I’ll finish by saying I can’t wait to find it on tap again.


POST REVIEW EDIT: After announcing my review on twitter, my buddy @r3creative asked me: “Did you get any sour notes from The Fireside Chat?”. OMFG…yes. I didn’t realize it before, but I was getting this funky flavor I couldn’t describe. It totally was sour. Bleck! Wonder if there is a bad batch of this stuff going around the Massachusetts area? I can’t imagine the brew is supposed to taste sour.

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