Anchor Christmas Ale 2010

Josh and Seth

It’s been quite a holiday weekend. Early Friday morning we drove up to Vermont to visit my family. I didn’t take many pictures. Above is me and my bro. I’m hard at work doing some tech support on my mom’s PC. My brother is goofing off as usual.

Anchor Christmas Ale 2010

I brought a 2010 Anchor Christmas Ale to Vermont and reviewed it Friday night. Although not a beer drinker, Mom joined in on the review!

Anchor Christmas Ale 2010

The Christmas Ale smelled like chocolate covered cherries to me. Mom thought it was more reminiscent of dark caramel or possibly rootbeer.

Anchor Christmas Ale 2010

I found that there was a little dark fruit in the flavor, but no chocolate. In fact, I picked up vanilla.

Anchor Christmas Ale 2010

Mom said that the brew didn’t taste like beer at first, but finished with a beer taste. I can see why she said that. The beer starts smooth and relatively flavorless. It finishes with robust flavors.

Not a spicy type of winter warmer, but still a very good one.

Anchor Christmas Ale 2010

Saturday morning we got up early (again) and drove from Vermont down to Gardner, MA for Christmas with Melissa’s family. Brady had spent the previous night with my mother-in-law and she brought him to Garnder so we could bring him home from there. While at the Christmas party he was a very bad dog. I had him on the leash the entire time. Among other naughty things, at one point he managed to knock a pecan pie off the kitchen table, shattering the pie pan and gorging himself until I could pull him away.

Josh and Brady

Now it’s Sunday. We’re hunkered down waiting for this big blizzard that is coming our way. Spent the day on my butt. Tiger Woods 2010 on the PS3 in the morning. Watched the Patriots destroy the Bills in the afternoon. Watching a movie now. Boston Bruins at 7:30.

About to crack open some whiskey to share with the wife. Thinking about doing a review of it.


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