Cisco Santa’s Beered

Cisco Santa's Beered!

Super stressful day at work today. I couldn’t wait to get out of the building and get home for a three day weekend. Even with the weekend upon us, I’ll have to check-in with work periodically.

The holiday weekend will include a bunch of traveling for us. Up to Vermont early tomorrow morning, spend the night, and then drive back down to western MA for Christmas day. Will be good to see family despite the long hours in the car.

Cisco Santa's Beered!

Tonight I’ll be hanging with the wife and dog, drinking some beer (or maybe some whiskey), and watching the Boston Bruins game. Before the game (and drinking) get fully kicked off I wanted to bang out a beer review.

Cisco Santa's Beered!

This Cisco Santa’s Beered! is what I would call a true winter warmer. This sucker smells heavily of spice. Dark mahogany in color, with a nice head and lacing. Looks and smells damn tasty!

Cisco Santa's Beered!

Although the label calls out nutmeg and cinnamon, I could swear that the main flavor is actually ginger. The cinnamon is present in the after-taste. I frankly don’t detect the nutmeg. The brew is pretty well balanced, although ultimately teetering over to the sweet side.

Worth a special note that I typically absolutely hate ginger. Not the case with this beer. The ginger is adding a unique twist that I’m digging.

Cisco Santa's Beered!

I’m quickly becoming a big fan of Cisco Brewery. Earlier this year I fell in love with their Pink Lady and Grey Lady. Now I’m in love with this Santa’s Beered. Two thumbs up!


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  1. i liked this one a lot too! Perhaps my favorite Christmass beer this year. Some of the Christmas beers actually age well. I have aged Berkshire’s Holidale two years in a row and it does make the flavor a little smoother.

    Also, I am very jealous of your Infinium find! I have been checking all the beer stores, but they are saying they sell out the same day they get a delivery… The search continues!

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