Kona Pipeline Porter

Kona Pipeline Porter

Skim Bim Skala Bim
Skim Bim Skala Bim
Skim Bim Skala Bim
Skim Bim Skala Bim

It’s been in my head all afternoon and evening. I don’t know what it means, and I don’t know how it got in my head. Hopefully now it’s in your head too, so I’m not the only crazy person on the interwebs tonight.

What was the last completely obnoxious thing you had stuck in your head?

Kona Pipeline Porter

With that out of the way, let us go straight to the beer review. Kona Pipeline Porter was reviewed on LIBA ages ago. In fact, it was the first ever guest post that our friend Silvio made. The review gets a ton of hits, as this beer is pretty popular. As of late I’ve got a bunch of hits to the effect of “Does Kona Pipeline Porter have caffeine added?”. Clearly people are worried about the recent FDA crackdown on alcoholic beverages that also contain caffeine.

Kona Pipeline Porter

I’m not a fan of coffee proper, so I can’t fully appreciate this brew – it is made with Kona coffee from Hawaii, which is supposed to be good stuff.

The beer definitely tastes like coffee. Very well balanced coffee though. The roasted malt flavors are subdued, so to “yield” to the coffee. God that sounded beer-douchey. I apologize.

This beer goes down smoothly and incredibly fast. I’m on the fence here. I want a little more from the flavor, but then again, I think anything more could hurt the drinkability. If Kona was aiming for a porter you can sit down at the bar with and have 2-3 of, they hit it on the head. If they were going for a full-flavored beer, they just barely missed the mark.

I’m going to give the Kona Pipeline Porter a thumbs up. Give it a go and tell me what you think.


Kona Pipeline Porter

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.

21 thoughts on “Kona Pipeline Porter”

  1. I personally hate coffee. However, coffee beer is awesome (as is coffee ice cream and coffee milk). Some of my favorite beers are coffee stouts.

    This is a great porter, though it’s not a summer beer (it’s their winter seasonal).

    And how is it beer-douchey to actually describe the flavor of the beer in the manner you did? Are people who can pick out the types of malts and hops used and add that to their review of a beer douches? I don’t think so. They’re just informed and informing people. Yes, in coffee stouts, it is common for the heavier-hitting dark malts to be a bit more subdued so you can taste more of the coffee (though those dark malts can give off a coffee-like flavor themselves even if there is no coffee present).

    1. First off, the whole idea around LIBA is that there isn’t “proper” anything here. As long as you enjoy the beer, it doesn’t matter how proper you are with glassware, terminology, describing the flavors etc.

      I try to write in a way that is appealing to everyone, especially people unfamiliar with “proper” beer terminology. So for argument’s sake, if I was to use a lot of what you probably consider “proper” verbiage, I wouldn’t be staying true to the mission I set for LIBA.


      1. It’s not like you’re talking about the cloying esters and how the 2-row barley tastes like it was mashed in at too low a temp. 😉

        “Yield” is just a word, not necessarily “proper”. But even if it was “proper”, it’s still not douchey. Because if using proper terminology is douchey, you’re calling a large number of beer reviewers, bloggers, lovers douches even though they’re probably not.

  2. I think you need to freshen up on my position on beer-douche-baggery. There’s a difference between doing/saying something douchey and being a beer-douche. Most people (including myself, clearly!) have some douchey traits.

    That all said, I agree with your first statement…”yield” is relatively mild on the douchiness scale.


  3. I guess I disagree that using proper terminology is a douchey thing to do. Using it to make yourself sound better than others is one thing. Using it because it exists and you’re trying to educate yourself or move yourself up in the beer world (going from blogger to a legit beer journalist*, for example) is not douchey.

    *Please note I do not mean to imply that blogging is not journalism, I mean writing for a publication, newspaper, magazine, etc. as opposed to writing for your own blog.

  4. I loooooooove the Pipeline Porter, it’s one of my favorites. Flavorful and smooth. I intentionally limit how frequently I buy it, so I don’t overdo it.

  5. Pipeline Porter is awesome. One of the best porters I’ve run into. The only drawback is that it’s seasonal. I wish they made it year round. I try and buy all that I can so I have it around longer. It’s a porter that doesn’t disappoint.

    1. I’ll be honest…I didn’t know it was seasonal! That would explain why I’ve been dying to try it but couldn’t find it until recently, now wouldn’t it? :)


  6. This one is another one in a long line of great beers from the Kona Brewery.

    I agree with your assessment of it. Pleasant drinkability.

  7. Oh Pipeline Porter…how you’ve had me under your spell for so many years now! I set my calendar to the day Pipeline hits the shelves again. Just like Doug, I too buy up all I can. Only a few stores carry it where I live in Oregon and I’ve been known to drive way out of my way to get me some Pipeline. Thanks for reviewing it on LIBA

  8. I think it’s released in November (I know I had it well before Christmas last year). It’s a winter seasonal. It’s available until it’s gone for the most part. I’ve seen it in stores here in RI as late as March-April. It’s actually brewed at Redhook in NH and they brew a lot of it (it’s not nearly as limited as the label on the bottle suggests).

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