Port Santa’s Little Helper and Hofbrau Lager

Hoffbrau Lager

Hang onto your seats folks – this is the weekend recap via pictures!

Saturday we spent the afternoon/evening at my in-laws doing the Christmas gift & Christmas dinner thing. We had an excellent time.

Both my sister-in-law and her husband are avid fans of Hofbrau Lager. They both had it in Germany and love the stuff. Unfortunately, they can’t find it easily. Lucky for them my local liquor store carries a bunch of Hofbrau stuff. We shared a six-pack Saturday night.

The Hofbrau lager was a little intimidating for me (green bottle phobia). I shouldn’t have been so scared, as the other hofbrau brews I’ve had (Hefe, Maibock, and Dunkel) have all been good.

Hoffbrau Lager

The lager is smooth and creamy. Just a tiny touch of bitter in the aftertaste. Goes down quick and smooth, and I can see how you could chug it from those giant Oktoberfest mugs. I’m glad I got to try this little taste of Germany.

Gift Cards

We exchanged gifts on Saturday. Among lots of great gifts, there are two worth highlighting…

#1: I received two gift cards to my liquor store Julios. LIBA has been funded for the next 3 months!!!
#2: Melissa got me the below Angry Birds ornament. I’m completely addicted to this cell-phone game. Love the ornament.

Angry Birds Ornament

Fast forward to Sunday…

Vegan Cookies

We hung out with my little brother Nick. We watched a TON of football (I heart Redzone channel). We played video games. And finally, we made some delicious cookies. The cookies are vegan and 90% organic. Chocolate raspberry cookies and walnut chocolate-chocolate chip cookies. YUM!

Vegan Cookies

About an hour ago I got back from dropping the kid off at home. I’m patiently waiting for the Patriots game which starts at 8:30ish. While I wait, it’s time for another beer review!

Port Santa's Little Helper

Port Brewing Santa’s Little Helper is what wound-up in my glass. It’s an imperial stout. If my memory serves me correctly, this is my first ever beer from Port.

Port Santa's Little Helper

EPIC fail on the pour. This stuff has radioactive head which resulted in a big mess. Even on the second pour I almost over-flowed the glass.

Port Santa's Little Helper

I let the beer warm up for more than 20 minutes before even trying it. Not on purpose, just kinda happened while I was editing and uploading photos. Warmed, the beer smells pretty boozy. Makes sense…it’s 10% alcohol!

Port Santa's Little Helper

The liquor is not as present in the flavor. Roasted malts and toffee flavors mostly block it all out. Little Helper is deliciously smooth…with just enough roasted bitterness to even the beer out. I highly recommend you try this beer out. Good stuff.

Now to finish off this giant bottle & pray that I stay awake for the game!!!


Port Santa's Little Helper

Author: Joshua Dion

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