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A few weeks ago Silvio came up with a great idea. We are both huge fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead. He suggested that we do a beer brainstorm during the season finale with a themed beer. He did some research and we decided to go with Unibroue Brewery’s La Fin Du Monde (Translated “The End of the World”). Thanks Silvio for coming up with a cool concept! Below you’ll find our chat which occurred live during the finale which aired last night.

@silvio_marcacci: Brains….
@silvio_marcacci: Brains…..
@Lost_in_Beer: Excited? I am!
@silvio_marcacci: Seriously. I love this show.
@Lost_in_Beer: If we have to wait until Oct 2011 for season 2, I’m going to flip.
@silvio_marcacci: The shootout at the camp at the end of the episode when they returned from Atlanta is perhaps the best single zombie fight scene I’ve ever seen

Show starting

@silvio_marcacci: Here we go!
@Lost_in_Beer: Rock and roll
@silvio_marcacci: Great opening scene
@silvio_marcacci: Love how they tied it together
@Lost_in_Beer: They definitely [previously] made his buddy out to be more of a bad guy
@Lost_in_Beer: Looks like he tried to save him
@silvio_marcacci: He defiitely thought he was dead, though
@silvio_marcacci: I think this guy at the CDC is going to try and infect them with zombie virus to get fresh samples.
@Lost_in_Beer: yeah, based on the preview last week he infects the blond since he lost his “fresh” samples last show.
Unibroue La Fin Du Monde

Characters takikng a hot shower

@silvio_marcacci: Interesting shower scenes
@Lost_in_Beer: mmmmm Shower wine!
@silvio_marcacci: Ahaha I think that was shower whiskey!
@Lost_in_Beer: even better

Shane assults Lori

@Lost_in_Beer: Well that wasn’t F-ed up at all…was it?
@silvio_marcacci: That guy needs to get with the program

Commercial break

@Lost_in_Beer: Beer time!
@silvio_marcacci: Time to drink!
@silvio_marcacci: Nice cloudy yellow color
@Lost_in_Beer: Smells citrusy to me
@silvio_marcacci: Very little foam
@Lost_in_Beer: I have a nice thin layer of head myself
@silvio_marcacci: Reminds me a little bit of a hefe smell
@silvio_marcacci: I get some bananas too
@Lost_in_Beer: Yeah, cloves, bread, bananas
@Lost_in_Beer: All the usual suspects
@Lost_in_Beer: Cheers good sir!
@silvio_marcacci: Glad to see all the smells pull through to the flavor
@silvio_marcacci: So often the hefe smell lets me down a little bit on the taste
@Lost_in_Beer: This is a dangerous beer…9%…and it doesn’t taste it!
@silvio_marcacci: I love this beer
@silvio_marcacci: Used to drink it in college all the time
@silvio_marcacci: Haven’t had it in years

Unibroue La Fin Du Monde

Commercial break over

@Lost_in_Beer: This blonde chic is getting sick rather slow
@silvio_marcacci: I don’t think the doctor poisioned her

The Dr shows video of the brain MRI

@Lost_in_Beer: This must be an MRI of the virus infecting someone?
@silvio_marcacci: Did you hear that last line?
@Lost_in_Beer: decontamination
@silvio_marcacci: Whole place is probably set to blow up

Commercial break

@Lost_in_Beer: Hey, did you buy a six-pack of La Fin Du Monde or the big 750ml?
@silvio_marcacci: No, just one bottle, you?
@Lost_in_Beer: 750, More than enough at 9%

Commercial break over

@Lost_in_Beer: Here we go…
@Lost_in_Beer: The characters are asking the same thing…WTF does decontamination mean?
@Lost_in_Beer: If you’re right, they are going to find explosives
@Lost_in_Beer: [a moment later, no explosives found] I have no idea where this Fing episode is going…
@silvio_marcacci: I think he’s going to kill himself

Dr. reveals that the CDC will explode when backup power is exhausted.

@silvio_marcacci: Knew it
@Lost_in_Beer: yup. Makes sense…it’s the friggin CDC. How the crap are they gonna get out of this one?

Unibroue La Fin Du Monde

Commercial breakv

@silvio_marcacci: Back to beer for a minute
@silvio_marcacci: What else do you think about it?
@Lost_in_Beer: I’ve been tearing through the beer
@silvio_marcacci: Ahahahaha, nice!
@Lost_in_Beer: It’s a damn fine beer. It’s my kinda of brew…all sweet, but not overkill
@silvio_marcacci: I wish it had more after-taste, but otherwise thumbs up

Commercial break over

@silvio_marcacci: Ok, last 15 minutes….
@Lost_in_Beer: Exinction event theory – love it!
@silvio_marcacci: Wow, his wife was the one who he killed

Dr. opens the blast doors

@Lost_in_Beer: run like mo-fo people
@Lost_in_Beer: WTF is this? Dr is whispering in his ear?!?!
@Lost_in_Beer: OMFG, they are going to leave us hanging…I bet we won’t know what he whispered until next season
@silvio_marcacci: I would not try to peresuade that chic. I’d be OUT

Grenade blows the window out, characters blast their way to the vehicles

@Lost_in_Beer: That is grenade explosion is going to draw every walker for 200 miles
@silvio_marcacci: Yes – shootout!
@Lost_in_Beer: These guys have ridiculous aim [every shot is a head shot?]
@Lost_in_Beer: and BTW, that ax shot to the head was Fing awesome. I LOLed here in my livingroom
@silvio_marcacci: Me too! I love that redneck character. Total bad ass!

CDC explodes

@Lost_in_Beer: Kablooeey
@silvio_marcacci: Now THAT’S an explosion! And you thought the grenade was going to draw walkers…
@silvio_marcacci: Great Dylan song to end on
@silvio_marcacci: Let’s agree to do another beer review for the second season premier. I read it is scheduled to air next Halloween
@Lost_in_Beer: OK man. Thanks for joining me.
@silvio_marcacci: Anytime, my friend

Unibroue La Fin Du Monde

Author: Joshua Dion

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4 thoughts on “Unibroue La Fin Du Monde”

  1. Hmmm. I’ve never see that show, but I have tried that beer. Unibroue is one of my favorite breweries. I pretty much approach each beer (unfairly) skeptical and they always deliver. I don’t think they get enough recognition for their beer overall either.

    One thing I’ve notice about them too is that they sure know how to carbonate their brews. Wow!

    Talk to you later.

    1. You MUST watch the Walking Dead series Rob. Absolutely the best show on TV. Although season 1 is over, you should be able to get all 6 episodes on demand for free.


  2. Unibroue have to be one of my favourite breweries – everything I have had from them has been very good. Even the Ephemere which I was very skeptical about at the time.

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