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A few weeks ago Silvio came up with a great idea. We are both huge fans of AMC’s The Walking Dead. He suggested that we do a beer brainstorm during the season finale with a themed beer. He did some research and we decided to go with Unibroue Brewery’s La Fin Du Monde (Translated “The End of the World”). Thanks Silvio for coming up with a cool concept! Below you’ll find our chat which occurred live during the finale which aired last night.

@silvio_marcacci: Brains….
@silvio_marcacci: Brains…..
@Lost_in_Beer: Excited? I am!
@silvio_marcacci: Seriously. I love this show.
@Lost_in_Beer: If we have to wait until Oct 2011 for season 2, I’m going to flip.
@silvio_marcacci: The shootout at the camp at the end of the episode when they returned from Atlanta is perhaps the best single zombie fight scene I’ve ever seen

Show starting

@silvio_marcacci: Here we go!
@Lost_in_Beer: Rock and roll
@silvio_marcacci: Great opening scene
@silvio_marcacci: Love how they tied it together
@Lost_in_Beer: They definitely [previously] made his buddy out to be more of a bad guy
@Lost_in_Beer: Looks like he tried to save him
@silvio_marcacci: He defiitely thought he was dead, though
@silvio_marcacci: I think this guy at the CDC is going to try and infect them with zombie virus to get fresh samples.
@Lost_in_Beer: yeah, based on the preview last week he infects the blond since he lost his “fresh” samples last show.
Unibroue La Fin Du Monde

Characters takikng a hot shower

@silvio_marcacci: Interesting shower scenes
@Lost_in_Beer: mmmmm Shower wine!
@silvio_marcacci: Ahaha I think that was shower whiskey!
@Lost_in_Beer: even better

Shane assults Lori

@Lost_in_Beer: Well that wasn’t F-ed up at all…was it?
@silvio_marcacci: That guy needs to get with the program

Commercial break

@Lost_in_Beer: Beer time!
@silvio_marcacci: Time to drink!
@silvio_marcacci: Nice cloudy yellow color
@Lost_in_Beer: Smells citrusy to me
@silvio_marcacci: Very little foam
@Lost_in_Beer: I have a nice thin layer of head myself
@silvio_marcacci: Reminds me a little bit of a hefe smell
@silvio_marcacci: I get some bananas too
@Lost_in_Beer: Yeah, cloves, bread, bananas
@Lost_in_Beer: All the usual suspects
@Lost_in_Beer: Cheers good sir!
@silvio_marcacci: Glad to see all the smells pull through to the flavor
@silvio_marcacci: So often the hefe smell lets me down a little bit on the taste
@Lost_in_Beer: This is a dangerous beer…9%…and it doesn’t taste it!
@silvio_marcacci: I love this beer
@silvio_marcacci: Used to drink it in college all the time
@silvio_marcacci: Haven’t had it in years

Unibroue La Fin Du Monde

Commercial break over

@Lost_in_Beer: This blonde chic is getting sick rather slow
@silvio_marcacci: I don’t think the doctor poisioned her

The Dr shows video of the brain MRI

@Lost_in_Beer: This must be an MRI of the virus infecting someone?
@silvio_marcacci: Did you hear that last line?
@Lost_in_Beer: decontamination
@silvio_marcacci: Whole place is probably set to blow up

Commercial break

@Lost_in_Beer: Hey, did you buy a six-pack of La Fin Du Monde or the big 750ml?
@silvio_marcacci: No, just one bottle, you?
@Lost_in_Beer: 750, More than enough at 9%

Commercial break over

@Lost_in_Beer: Here we go…
@Lost_in_Beer: The characters are asking the same thing…WTF does decontamination mean?
@Lost_in_Beer: If you’re right, they are going to find explosives
@Lost_in_Beer: [a moment later, no explosives found] I have no idea where this Fing episode is going…
@silvio_marcacci: I think he’s going to kill himself

Dr. reveals that the CDC will explode when backup power is exhausted.

@silvio_marcacci: Knew it
@Lost_in_Beer: yup. Makes sense…it’s the friggin CDC. How the crap are they gonna get out of this one?

Unibroue La Fin Du Monde

Commercial breakv

@silvio_marcacci: Back to beer for a minute
@silvio_marcacci: What else do you think about it?
@Lost_in_Beer: I’ve been tearing through the beer
@silvio_marcacci: Ahahahaha, nice!
@Lost_in_Beer: It’s a damn fine beer. It’s my kinda of brew…all sweet, but not overkill
@silvio_marcacci: I wish it had more after-taste, but otherwise thumbs up

Commercial break over

@silvio_marcacci: Ok, last 15 minutes….
@Lost_in_Beer: Exinction event theory – love it!
@silvio_marcacci: Wow, his wife was the one who he killed

Dr. opens the blast doors

@Lost_in_Beer: run like mo-fo people
@Lost_in_Beer: WTF is this? Dr is whispering in his ear?!?!
@Lost_in_Beer: OMFG, they are going to leave us hanging…I bet we won’t know what he whispered until next season
@silvio_marcacci: I would not try to peresuade that chic. I’d be OUT

Grenade blows the window out, characters blast their way to the vehicles

@Lost_in_Beer: That is grenade explosion is going to draw every walker for 200 miles
@silvio_marcacci: Yes – shootout!
@Lost_in_Beer: These guys have ridiculous aim [every shot is a head shot?]
@Lost_in_Beer: and BTW, that ax shot to the head was Fing awesome. I LOLed here in my livingroom
@silvio_marcacci: Me too! I love that redneck character. Total bad ass!

CDC explodes

@Lost_in_Beer: Kablooeey
@silvio_marcacci: Now THAT’S an explosion! And you thought the grenade was going to draw walkers…
@silvio_marcacci: Great Dylan song to end on
@silvio_marcacci: Let’s agree to do another beer review for the second season premier. I read it is scheduled to air next Halloween
@Lost_in_Beer: OK man. Thanks for joining me.
@silvio_marcacci: Anytime, my friend

Unibroue La Fin Du Monde

Author: Joshua Dion

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