Samuel Adams Infinium

Sam Adams Infinium

I rarely cave to the hype around a beer. That said, Samuel Adams Infinium intrigued me. From what I heard about it, it seemed like it would be a completely unique beer. I ran across a bottle of it on a recent beer run, and figured “what the hell”.

Sean and Josh

On Saturday evening we hung out with friends Sean and Kerry. We watched the Bruins game on TV and then played some games (see above as I goof off mid-game).

Given how big the bottle of Infinium is, I wasn’t going to drink it alone. I needed some co-reviewers. Sean and Kerry were obvious choices.

Sam Adams Infinium

With respect to aroma, Kerry thought it smelled like a beer tour (in a good way). Sean thought it smelled yeasty. I was undecided as to what I was smelling.

Sam Adams Infinium

For me, the flavors were sweet with a tart fruit tanginess. Kerry thought the taste followed what she smelled – sweet and malty. Sean agreed with the malty commentary, adding that the alcohol (10.3%) isn’t noticeable at first, but later becomes apparent.

As one might expect from a beer-champagne mutant beer, Infinum is uber bubbly.

Sam Adams Infinium

In the end, our three reviews were a little varied. Kerry really liked it and would definitely buy it again (for a special occasion). Sean liked the beer, but I don’t think he liked it enough to pay $20 for a bottle.

I think the beer is good, but over-hyped. I was expecting much more in the way of champagne characteristics. The brew just isn’t as unique as the propaganda would lead you to believe.

In the end, I would tend to side with Kerry in that I can see buying Infinium for a special occasion. $20 is equivalent to a mediocre bottle of wine or champagne, so I could see spending that much on an above average beer instead.


Sam Adams Infinium

Author: Joshua Dion

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3 thoughts on “Samuel Adams Infinium”

  1. I have to agree that this was overhyped. If someone had just handed it to me and let me taste it, I might have enjoyed it more. But after the price, the cool label and the cage and cork, I was expecting more. I didn’t get enough champagne qualities. I got the alcohol heaviness and quite a bit of pear taste. Almost to the point of cider. For a New Year’s beer, I prefer the Avec Les Bon Vouex from Dupont.

  2. I’m that guy that will succumb to the hype – I mean, everybody’s talking about it for a reason, right?
    Unfortunately I can’t find this brew anywhere within 60 miles of me!
    I was really hoping to find it to sample on New Year’s, but I can’t justify driving an hour for a Sam Adams beer unless it is Utopias!

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