Stone Lukcy Basartd

Stone Lukcy Basartd

It’s been awhile since I did a beer brainstorm with someone via chat. Tonight I’m breaking the foul streak with a review of Stone Lukcy Basartd with my new found friend Scott. Scott has been into craft beer for about 6 years. He’s a father of two and currently lives in Georgia. You can find Scott on twitter.

@Lost_in_Beer: I’ve got mine poured. You wanna get rocking?
@Scottc1969: Ready
@Lost_in_Beer: Giving it a whiff…GRAPEFRUIT
@Scottc1969: Nose is still kinda stuffed, but amazing fruity smell
@Lost_in_Beer: Coming off a cold?
@Scottc1969: Yeah, since Sun.
@Lost_in_Beer: Bummer
@Scottc1969: Wow! Very citrusy!
@Lost_in_Beer: Yup. Tastes like an IPA, although I think by the book it’s an American Strong Ale.
@Lost_in_Beer: Not that I know what the difference is…
@Lost_in_Beer: Are you a hoppy beer kinda guy?
@Scottc1969: Yeah. Like the hops
@Lost_in_Beer: I think I might be picking up some pine in the flavor too…how about you?
@Scottc1969: This kinda hits both. Good bite from grapefruit? A hint of sweetness…then something. Pine you say? I’ll go with that!
@Scottc1969: Nice transition, too! Flows nicely, and just a bit of a hoppy bite at the finish.

Stone Lukcy Basartd

@Lost_in_Beer: Did you get much head on the pour?
@Scottc1969: No, just a touch. Might be how I poured, though.
@Scottc1969: I do like how it sticks,though. Still some foam on the sides.
@Lost_in_Beer: You drinking the big bottle of this stuff? 1 pt 6 oz?
@Scottc1969: Yeah. My favorite size. For whatever reason, seems to be the best pour.
@Lost_in_Beer: The last two nights I got wrecked reviewing 10%ABV beers in bottles of this size. This one if only 8.5%, so hopefully I’ll be in better shape.
@Scottc1969: Haha! A Heini yesterday, just so I could say I drank one on untappd. Poured most of it out.
@Lost_in_Beer: ick, one of the very few beers I really don’t like.

Stone Lukcy Basartd

@Lost_in_Beer: I’m sitting here looking at the label on the bottle
@Lost_in_Beer: Ridiculous how hard it is to read with all the misspelling!
@Scottc1969: Umm, not even going to try and read the bottle
@Scottc1969: How about the color?
@Lost_in_Beer: Reddish amber color. Kinda foggy/cloudy.
@Scottc1969: Wanna say dark caramel, but when u hold it to the light, you can see through it.
@Scottc1969: I’m getting a nice copper rainbow when holding to the light

Stone Lukcy Basartd

@Lost_in_Beer: I’m marveling at how long the aftertaste lingers. This brew would go really good with spicy food.
@Scottc1969: And a strong blue cheese.
@Scottc1969: Serious, this cheese is amazing with it
@Lost_in_Beer: wait wait….you’re eating cheese right now?
@Scottc1969: Blue Stilton, Trader Joe’s
@Lost_in_Beer: Damn…I’m jealous!
@Lost_in_Beer: So how would you sum up the Lukcy Basartd?
@Scottc1969: What’s amazing about this one is nothing is overpowering, complex, but it works!
@Scottc1969: One flavor melts to another, and it just never ends.
@Lost_in_Beer: Really good summary. I feel like it’s a really hoppy beer, but not in a way that’s offensive.
@Scottc1969: Yes. Stone can be one that alienates, but this hits everyone.
@Lost_in_Beer: I like it quite a bit. I’d recommend it to basically anyone.
@Scottc1969: If u try it again, get that cheese. I’m telling you…woooo! Good!
@Lost_in_Beer: Many thanks for brainstorming with me tonight
@Scottc1969: My pleasure!

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.

5 thoughts on “Stone Lukcy Basartd”

  1. I tried this a couple weeks ago. I was completely underwhelmed. Stone is basically dead to me. They make some good beers, but they tend to push their hoppy beers which all taste almost exactly the same. It’s pretty lame if you ask me. Their RIS and Old Guardian are awesome, as are some of their collaborations and Vertical Epics, but the majority of their beers are all too much alike.

  2. Jim, I’ll have to respectfully disagree. I happen to love pretty much everything stone does. I’ll agree that however tasty they are, the Bastard ales are all similar, and the IPA is close to the ruination, but their Levitation and Sublimely Self Righteous pretty different and utterly fantastic.

    And Lost, I’d totally love to do a brainstorm at some point if you’re up for it. I don’t really use twitter, but I’ll make an account for the occasion if need be…

    1. Kevin:

      Would love to do a brainstorm sometime. There is an “application” form if you click the “Guest Reviews” tab at the top of the page. Fill that out and make sure you select “yes” for beer brainstorm.

      You don’t need a twitter account. Brainstorms are all done via AIM or Google talk. I put people’s twitter names in the post because most folks don’t want their instant message screen names blasted out to the general public.


    2. The problem with all those beers is that because they are so hop forward, they all end up tasting the same. Sure, there are some slight nuances that might be different, but Stone has become a one trick pony with the hoppy beers. They’re very talented, but put all their effort into destroying your palate with the same hop profile in every beer. People raved about their 14th anniversary. *yawn* another hoppy beer from Stone.

      I’m not saying their beers are bad, just boring. Levitation is nothing special, nor is their Pale Ale. Their IPA and Ruination are probably the best of their hoppy beers. The others are just different takes on the same beer for the most part (all branched off the IPA and Ruination).

      They really need to branch out and brew different styles without ruining them with hops, or use different hops. They can do it, they just choose not to. People complain about breweries like Shipyard with that buttery ringwood yeast flavor showing up in all their beers. Stone using the same hops in every beer is the same thing. At least Shipyard (no matter what you think of them) can do some different and interesting stuff with that yeast. Can’t say the same about Stone and their hops.

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