Trout River Hoppin’ Mad Trout

Trout River Hoppin' Mad Trout

Today was a big day. Tons going on at work. My new “Webmaster” class started tonight. And coolest of all, Lost in the Beer Aisle got a mention in the Julio’s newsletter, promoting the Metrowest Craft Beer Meetup.

I’ve now listed the event in every area newspaper and at least a dozen area event websites. Add to that the mention the fellas at the Best Beer Blog threw me, and the RSVPs really should start coming in….I hope!

I can’t stress about it too much, so it’s time to drink some beer and relax.

Trout River Hoppin' Mad Trout

Tonight’s brew is Trout River Hoppin’ Mad Trout. This is my second Trout River brew, with the first having been the Rainbow Red a couple-three weeks back. As you may recall, Moms got me these for Christmas. The Rainbow Red was very drinkable and I’m hoping for the same from this Hoppin’ Mad.

Trout River Hoppin' Mad Trout

And after a few sips, I can say that indeed it is! The Hoppin’ Mad is a pale ale that clocks in under 5% ABV. Smooth going down. Not a ton of carbonation. I’m picking up flavors of orange with a perfect citrus hoppiness blended in. Another simple, but fantastic brew from Trout River!


Author: Joshua Dion

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