Trout River Rainbow Red Ale

Trout River Rainbow Red Ale

Ahhh Friday night. Another week in the books. Time flies by so damn fast though. Bitter sweet. Where does life go?

Annnnnnd, that’s enough of the sappy shit.

Trout River Rainbow Red Ale

Part of my Christmas gift from my mother was a couple of beers from Trout River brewing. It’s time to give one of them a try – Rainbow Red Ale.

The brew is a brownish red. Frankly it’s more brown than red, but I’ll let it go. Limited head. Not the prettiest looking beer in the world, but let’s not judge a beer book by it’s cover.

Trout River Rainbow Red Ale

Now I just sprayed my Christmas cactus with potent insecticide. You’re supposed to do this outdoors, no where near humans or pets. There’s snow outside, and my plant is invested with bugs. I sprayed it inside. Note: If you find yourself in a similar situation and are thinking of spraying inside, DON’T.

So why the side-bar about a cactus? Insecticide smells bad. I had to move the plant into the bathroom until it dried. I’m all good now though. Let us continue…

Trout River Rainbow Red Ale

The Rainbow Red is a super easy drinking red ale. Goes down like water. Caramel is the dominant flavor. Mostly malty. Doesn’t bring much to the table as far as hops go.

It isn’t a pretty looking beer, but it’s definitely a good one! A quality offering from the state I grew up in.


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