Anderson Valley Brother David’s Triple

Anderson Valley Brother David's Triple

Interesting weekend I just had. Saturday was supposed to be the beer meetup, but I postponed it due to weather (weather that never really showed up). I spent Saturday kicking myself and feeling quite depressed honestly. Sunday was a new day. I hung out with my little brother Nick, worked on taxes, and then went to a friend’s house to watch the Superbowl. My favorite commercial was the Pepsi “First Date” one.

Anderson Valley Brother David's Triple

I went on a small beer run at the end of last week. After I’m done with this post I’ll be updating my “queued-up” page to include the beers I picked up. One of them was this Anderson Valley Brother David’s Triple.

Anderson Valley Brother David's Triple

This triple smells like it should – cloves and mild banana aroma. It does not get high marks for it’s looks. It poured with no head!

There is A LOT going on with the flavor.

First impression: Syrup! Sweet and thick.
Second impression: Spicy banana.
Final impression: Long sweet clovey after-taste. I’m inclined to say there is a twist of sour somewhere in there too.

Side note: The 10% ABV is completely hidden. Scary!

Interesting beer all around. However, tonight I’m not feeling it. Maybe it was the long say at work or the junk-food hangover I have from Superbowl Sunday.

Have other people tried this brew? Were you a fan?


Anderson Valley Brother David's Triple

Author: Joshua Dion

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