Anderson Valley Brother David’s Triple

Anderson Valley Brother David's Triple

Interesting weekend I just had. Saturday was supposed to be the beer meetup, but I postponed it due to weather (weather that never really showed up). I spent Saturday kicking myself and feeling quite depressed honestly. Sunday was a new day. I hung out with my little brother Nick, worked on taxes, and then went to a friend’s house to watch the Superbowl. My favorite commercial was the Pepsi “First Date” one.

Anderson Valley Brother David's Triple

I went on a small beer run at the end of last week. After I’m done with this post I’ll be updating my “queued-up” page to include the beers I picked up. One of them was this Anderson Valley Brother David’s Triple.

Anderson Valley Brother David's Triple

This triple smells like it should – cloves and mild banana aroma. It does not get high marks for it’s looks. It poured with no head!

There is A LOT going on with the flavor.

First impression: Syrup! Sweet and thick.
Second impression: Spicy banana.
Final impression: Long sweet clovey after-taste. I’m inclined to say there is a twist of sour somewhere in there too.

Side note: The 10% ABV is completely hidden. Scary!

Interesting beer all around. However, tonight I’m not feeling it. Maybe it was the long say at work or the junk-food hangover I have from Superbowl Sunday.

Have other people tried this brew? Were you a fan?


Anderson Valley Brother David's Triple

Author: Joshua Dion

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5 thoughts on “Anderson Valley Brother David’s Triple”

  1. I’ve had it, and with what I thought was a normal amount of carbonation. Every once in a while, I’ll get a beer that just doesn’t seem right with carbonation/head. I liked it a lot, at least for the style. I would say, if it’s reasonably priced, try it again. It could have been an undercarbonated bottle/batch.

  2. Anderson Valley is one of those old school breweries that, like many of the Oregon breweries, was making stuff that tasted amazing in the 90s in relation to what was available at the time, but now seems so-so at best.

    It’s too bad since they have so much else going for them, such as one of the best festivals around, a legitimate claim as one of the most eco-friendly breweries around, and Brother David refers to the owner of the Toronado, who used to drive up to the brewery to get kegs in the early days of the bar.

    It’s too bad the beers themselves haven’t gotten better. For me, everything they make is either higher or lower on a scale of “meh”.

  3. I am by no means a beer connoisseur, but…

    I just recently went to Anderson Valley Brewery to taste this among other beers straight from the source. Relative to other Belgian style ales I’ve had (which is only really Chimay, Duvel, and Allagash), it fits right in to the top of what I enjoyed. I liked it better than Duvel, comparably with Chimay blue, but not as good as Allagash Curieux (which had a delicious bourbon-like flavor I can’t get enough of). I found it softer and richer than its Double counterpart, although not quite as complex.

    In any case, it quickly became my favorite from the Anderson Valley, and ranks in my top beers, but I like it slightly less than other ales of the same style I’ve had.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment Jeff! Non beer connoisseurs are my favorite readers!

      Have you tried the Anderson Valley Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout? It’s one of the other beers I’ve tried from them, although I wasn’t a huge fan.


      P.S. I concur. Curieux is awesome.

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