Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA and Double Pale Ale

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Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA and Double Pale Ale

Here’s the scene: your faithful guest reviewer, in high spirits after a great first week of work, with a full bank account, at his favorite beer store, and nothing to do all night. A flurry of never-reviewed beers flew off the shelves into my cart and I walked out with two mixed sixes of review beer and two sixers of tried and true favorites. Clearly, I was ready to party (and review).

For some reason, there seemed to be a ton of great new IPAs at the store, and since I have a weakness for hops, I loaded up on them and choose two from the same brewery for my review – Flying Dog’s Snake Dog IPA and Double Pale Ale. One of my favorite things about this brewery is their labels. Trippy, abstract, and always involving dogs, the labels for these two beers definitely lived up to their legacy.

I started out with the Snake Dog. Nice pour, with a two-finger foam head and a crystal clear amber color. The aroma was awesome, full of grassy hops and very sharp. They Snake Dog is touted as “full of bitterness and bite” and promised to make me feel “slapped in the face with flavor.”

I was skeptical to hear such a big claim, but I honestly flung my head back from the hops explosion on my first taste. Its crazy hoppy on the front, so strong I thought it may burn my taste buds off. Fortunately that first kick goes away immediately, and it mellows through the middle before ending on a long, flat bitter note. This definitely ranks up there with the hoppiest beers I’ve ever had, and is very similar to Oskar Blues’ Gubna. With a 7.1% ABV, it’s got plenty of punch, too.

Next up was the Double Pale Ale. It was a much darker amber color, but again crystal clear. The one finger foam crown evaporated right away and aroma-wise, it was quite stanky and reminiscent of 21st Amendment’s IPA.

This turned out to be the better beer of the two, and I really enjoyed the flavor. It’s quite hoppy up front, but really rich and mellow. The taste transitions into a lot of malts and sweetness on the end, and there’s no bitter note at all. I was quite surprised to see the intense 11.5% ABV, because I really didn’t get much alcohol taste – although I did get quite buzzed. 🙂

Overall, two great beers from Flying Dog. I’d definitely have both again, although I’d lean toward the Double Pale Ale for its mellow and sweet hops flavor.


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