Heavy Seas Thank You, Thank You Very Much

Las Vegas day #1. Guest beer review #1. Today my long time loyal follower Jay gets into the ring, takes the reigns of LIBA and drives us to delicious-town. Many thanks to Jay for ponying up today’s guest review. Glad to have you aboard while I’m partying across the country! I highly recommend that you look up Jay on twitter; he’s a great guy.

Heavy Seas Thank You, Thank You Very Much

After living in Baltimore for 4 years, I have found that I really enjoy almost all of Heavy Seas beers. Their Loose Cannon has become one of my favorite IPAs, their Barleywine (Below Decks) is always great and their labels are just awesome.

For this year, they decided to make “Thank You, Thank You Very Much” for their 15th Anniversary. This hopped up Imperial IPA comes in at 8 percent- not too high, not too low. Nice for a cold winter night.

The beer poured a nice copper color, with great clarity – I could almost see the television through the glass/beer. The head jumped up on the pour. I pour Heavy Seas beers like Hugh Sisson (the man behind the brewery) has said to pour- Straight down the center of the glass, allow the head to form on its own. The head hung around, and then left great lacing down the glass.

The citrus hops overwhelm the aroma. Straight floral buds; orange with grapefruit and a little lemon. Searching for the maltiness of the beer, there comes a bit of caramel.

The hops jump back up on the tongue, bitterness with a touch of sweetness from the malt (a bit sweeter than most Imperial IPAs). Overall, the combination of hops used provide a delicious taste for a hophead like me.

The carbonation is perfectly balanced, and the medium bodied beer is a very smooth drinker. The 8 percent is not does not overpower the beer, and is slightly recognizable.

Overall, this bomber was very easy to drink. It was very enjoyable and something I wished I had bought more of.”


Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.