Orkney SkullSplitter

Another Silvio Saturday is upon us! Today, while I sit at the airport anxiously awaiting the debauchery of Vegas, Silvio reviews Orkney SkullSplitter wee heavy. While on the topic of Silvio, I have to say I never dreamed that Silvio Saturday would become such a staple of LIBA. When I first proposed the idea, I figured he would stay on board for a few weeks and then peter-out. Many thanks to Silvio for his dedication to the site!!! Saturdays would be boring without you bud! Take it away….

Orkney SkullSplitter

Ugh, sick again. Second cold this winter, which totally bites the big one because I had to do some business travel this week and flying while sick is the worst. Perhaps even more of a bummer is that my ability to smell and taste is a little limited. Fortunately, wifey volunteered to give me a reality check on my review.

Orkney SkullSplitter

I’m going with something new – Orkney Brewery’s Skull Splitter. This Scottish beer is named after a famous Viking from centuries ago who I guess was a bit of a bad-ass. I have to admit the label and name was what drew me in. The pour was cool, with a dark and cloudy amber color. The foam was below average, but I did like the sediment visibly floating around in the glass. Cool aroma too, reminiscent of a plum or raisin.

Orkney SkullSplitter

This beer really distinguishes itself on the flavor and I have to say this is a really unique beer. The dark fruit aroma pulls through to the first taste, and it comes across as almost a wine-beer hybrid. As it warms the flavor gets more complex and reminded me of a fruit liquor or brandy. The end notes are very malty, however, and it mellows out to be quite enjoyably sweet.

Overall, good beer. Definitely out of the ordinary and I’d recommend it to others who want to try something new. With an 8.5% ABV, it’ll pack a little punch too…or maybe split your skull. :)


Orkney SkullSplitter

Author: Silvio

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5 thoughts on “Orkney SkullSplitter”

  1. Ahh Skullsplitter, the memories. A classic Scottish heavy. I wouldn’t advise drinking too much of it the, the next morning you will pay (hence the name).

  2. Silvio! Great call on the review, it is a unique and interesting beer. One of my favorite Scottish ales… I agree with the Skull Splitter having almost wine-like complexity, although now that you say it’s brandy-like I think that’s an even better comparison.

    Get some rest and try to get better soon man… being sick sucks, I had a flu about two weeks ago and it was absolutely brutal :(

  3. Thank you for your review of my beer, good to here you enjoyed Skull Splitter. Hope you like our new label, keep on spreading the good word on our beers.



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