Ranger India Pale Ale

Vegas day #2. Guest review #2. Dale joins us today. Dale is from Florida and when asked to talk a little about himself stated:

“I got my start drinking craft beer in 2007 when I decided to drink a Dead Guy Ale at Mellow Mushroom. I have to admit that I ordered the beer because I thought it was a cool name. Well, it got me hooked. I followed it up with a Turbo Dog and a Blue Fin Stout. A few days later I bought a Sweaty Betty and a Dale’s Pale Ale. I figured if a beer had my name on it, I just had to try it. I still like Dead Guy quite a bit, and Dale’s Pale Ale is one of my regular brews.”

Dale has since been drinking hundreds of different craft beers and keeping track of them. He even keeps a list of all the beers he has tried! Interested in getting in contact with Dale? Check him out on twitter.

Ranger IPA

I poured my bottle of Ranger into my trusty pint glass. It pours a medium gold color with some fizzy carbonation and about a finger of foamy white head. The head lasted all the way to the end of the drink and provided some nice lacing. After pouring the beer, I took a big sniff and got citrus hops but with a malty cake scent. I take a drink and the first contact with my tongue is all hops! Piney, citrus fruits and some nice bitterness. As I continue to drink the malts kick and provide some nice balance to this beer.

This is a well balanced and tasty brew, a nice representative of the style. It does not overpower you with hops bitterness, it has nice malt balance and very drinkable. This would be a good IPA to suggest to someone who is just getting into craft beer and is not a “hop head”.


Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.

10 thoughts on “Ranger India Pale Ale”

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  2. I have never been able to get New Belgium beers, but from all counts of people drinking NB, I think this is the beer that i wouldn’t mind grabbing a case of. I love a non-offensive, basic IPA. Something that I could drink all night, and others wouldnt mind having as well.

  3. Hey Jay,

    I’ve never had a New Belgium brew that I didn’t like. They don’t distribute down here in Florida either, but I have a friend that was in Atlanta and brought me some. If you ever get the opportunity, take it. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.



  4. I discovered Ranger India Ale at Stater Bros. and as soon as I began buying it they took it off the shelves. They said it didn’t sell well enough.
    At what supermarket or retail beer store can I find it?

    1. Chris:

      When looking for a beer (any beer), I suggest the following:
      1. Go to your local beer store and ask if they carry the beer. If they do not, ask them if their distributor CAN get the beer. If the distributor cannot get the beer, you’re likely out of luck and will need to travel to another region to get it.


      2. Contact the brewery via email and ask if this beer is distributed to your area.

      Good luck!


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