Samuel Adams Noble Pils

Samuel Adams Noble Pils

Earlier this week I picked up a 12 pack of Sam Adams Noble Pils. This is a seasonal beer available only in the spring, and I love it.

My first introduction to this pilsner was last year. They carry this beer on draught at the Boston Garden; I had it at Boston Bruins game and fell in love.

Samuel Adams Noble Pils

For some reason I thought I had reviewed this beer before, but alas, I have not! What a travesty. This must be rectified.

On a very related note, earlier tonight I played 20 questions again on the LIBA facebook page. This is the fourth or fifth time I’ve done this and it gets more popular each time.

Samuel Adams Noble Pils

The beer is brewed using the 5 noble hops. Noble hops are grown in Europe from what I gather. That’s all I know about noble hops (or care to know frankly). :)

Despite having a bunch of different hops, the beer isn’t brutally bitter at all. There are plenty of swirling hoppy flavors and I can’t pick one specific character out (i.e. it’s not particularly citrusy, nor flowery, nor piney). It’s beautifully balanced with some almost buttery maltiness.

It’s not as highly carbonated as other pilsners I’ve had. The lacking bubbles adds something unique to the Noble Pils. All around this is a really great beer and is my new springtime go-to beer.

On a final note, there is a really cool story behind how Jim Koch came up with the idea for Noble Pils. Even cooler, I heard the story straight from the horses mouth.


Samuel Adams Noble Pils

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3 thoughts on “Samuel Adams Noble Pils”

  1. I don’t know what it is…but this years batch tastes much more like a light lager than last years did. I’m not sure what it is though. Last years aroma was more fresh and it had a cleaner finish than this years.

    Again. I’m not sure what it is. Is is 1 year of new experiences or has it changed that much? My wife and our friend who was turned onto craft beer because of this brew, all agree. Something isn’t right compared to last years.

    You experience that at all?

    Mike’s Brew Review

    1. Mike:

      Because I only started dabbling in the Noble Pils last year I really can’t tell you if I sense a difference. Generally speaking, I find Sam Adams beers VERY consistent. It’s the main reason their beers have slowly crept back into to my go-to repertoire.


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