Wachusett Milk Stout

Wachusett Milk Stout

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Las Vegas here we come. Going to be “out of the office” until next Friday. LIBA won’t be idle though – you can expect guest reviews every single day that I’m gone.

Wachusett Milk Stout

Tonight I’m sitting down with this Wachusett Milk Stout. I once heard about this stuff while on the Wachusett Brewery tour. At that time it was a limited release and they were no longer distributing it. When I saw it in the liquor store the other day I had to snatch it up; milk stout is one of my favorite styles.

Wachusett Milk Stout

This little darling is a perfect example of a milk stout in the “looks” category. It’s perfectly dark black with great head and great lacing.

Not a ton of aroma, but what I do pick up is that sweet sugary smell, which I only can assume comes from the lactose added to milk stouts.

Wachusett Milk Stout

Flavor-wise, it’s spot on for the style again. Not the BEST milk stout I’ve had, but solid. Creamy, creamy smooth. Sweet up front with a roasted malt bitterness at the end.

Absolutely one of my favorite Wachusett beers ever…maybe THE most favorite!


Wachusett Milk Stout

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