Widmer Barrel Aged Bourbon Ale

Widmer Barrel Aged Bourbon Ale


Yup, I’m back from Vegas and back to my LIBA duties. Many thanks to all the guest reviewers who held down the fort in my absence. Also many thanks to my readers who commented on the guest reviews…it looks like the reviews were a hit.

But now I’m jealous and ready to get back to drinking good beer myself!

Widmer Barrel Aged Bourbon Ale

Tonight I’m drinking a bottle of Widmer Barrel Aged Bourbon Ale. Before I get to the review, a couple of event related notes…

Widmer Barrel Aged Bourbon Ale

Tomorrow is the LIBA Beerup in Hudson, MA. After having to postpone the event I’m psyched that it’s finally upon us. We have nearly 90 RSVPs, so I’m positive the turnout will be awesome. Look for a recap post about the event early this coming week.

Widmer Barrel Aged Bourbon Ale

The second note is a heads-up about a special guest post that is coming up – authored by my mom!! She had the pleasure of attending a beer tasting at the Hill Farmstead brewery in Vermont. The brewery is small but is up and coming, as evidenced by a recent Boston Globe article. Mom has written up a recap of the event which I’ll be posting in the coming days, along with a number of pictures she took.

Widmer Barrel Aged Bourbon Ale

But without further ado, let’s get to the damn beer already (right?).

This Widmer Bros brew is one of their limited releases and was only available this past fall. The beer is actually the Widmer Bro’s Brr Winter Warmer which is then aged in bourbon barrels.

A winter warmer + bourbon combination sounds frickin fantastic. Let’s do this.

Widmer Barrel Aged Bourbon Ale

The color is way different from any other bourbon barrel aged beer I’ve tried – most have been stouts and this one is technically a strong ale.

A nice serving of head and tons of lacing…delicious looking beer.

The aroma is oaky and spicy as is the flavors. There is a malty sweetness as well. All the flavors are well balanced; no single one dominates.

The 9.4% ABV is barely noticeable, hidden by the dark malty flavors and spiciness. Despite being having a big complex flavor, I’m finding the beer quite drinkable.

This brew is an awesome marriage of winter warmer and bourbon. VERY unique. Two LIBA thumbs up!


Widmer Barrel Aged Bourbon Ale

Author: Joshua Dion

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6 thoughts on “Widmer Barrel Aged Bourbon Ale”

  1. I’ve been meaning to try this since I saw your review, and finally tonight drank the bottle I’ve had since my last beer run. Your recommendation was right on the money – I loved the smoky maltyness, and the bourbon spices were quite unique and reminiscent of Makers Mark. This is one of the best beers I’ve had in a long time, and I seriously wish hope they make it again.

  2. My husband and I visited the Mayflower Brewery yesterday and enjoyed some yummy beer; the seasonal red hoppy (if that’s a word) beer was my favorite! We then went on the the BBC in Cedarville for diner and my husband almost fell out of his chair when he saw Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale on the menu; He is a HUGE bourbon fan! I was sad to find out that beer is only available for retail in Kentucky. Do you recommend anything close to that which we would be able to buy retail in Rhode Island; I would even travel to nearby Mass or CT to get it for him. Thanks a bunch!!

    1. Kerri:

      There are a bunch of bourbon beers available in New England. I recommend you use the site search feature to look up “bourbon”. You’ll find a handful of beers I have reviewed, which you can likely find.

      If you need further advice, don’t hesitate to contact me via email. jd@lostinthebeeraisle.com


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