Allagash Interlude

Allagash Interlude

On Sunday we spent the day in Boston. I gotta tell ya, when we are in the city on a quiet Sunday night, I start feeling like I want to move to the city. The 80% of the time when the city is crazy (not to mention apartment & home prices) brings me back to earth.

Our friends Adam and Elina live right next to the Prudential…an awesome location! We spent Sunday afternoon at their place. Melissa and Elina played dress-up while Adam and I drank and played video games. Perfect, right?

I snuck in a mini beer review while we were goofing off. Adam had a bottle of Allagash Interlude he wanted to share.

Very interesting beer. Sour, and deliciously so! Apple flavors. Stingy carbonation. The beer is pricey at $22 a bottle. I was glad I got to try it for free! Both of us were big fans of the beer, but were not fans of the price. A lot goes into making the Interlude, accounting for the cost.

Later in the evening we hit up the Otherside Cafe. This was the first time I had been there and I loved the joint. It had excellent vegan and vegetarian options, a great beer list, and late in the evening they play movies on a huge screen above the bar. Sunday night they threw on Aliens…a top-10 all time favorite movie for me.

My stomach was still reeling from eating too much cheese the night before (I had eaten an entire pizza). All day Sunday I wasn’t feeling terribly well. That said, my dinner at Otherside consisted of a cheese platter. I’m such a sucker for cheese.

Beverage of choice at Otherside was a can of Ten Fidy which comes with a complementary koozie. Ten Fidy remains a top-10 stout for me.

Overall it was an awesome trip into the city! Many thanks to Adam and Elina for having us.


Author: Joshua Dion

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