Ballast Point Sea Monster

Ballast Point Sea Monster

Today has been a productive day to say the least. Did a bunch of crap at work. Got home and spent a few hours working on a project I’m doing for school. Really happy with how today has gone. Tomorrow is going to be equally awesome as I am taking a trip to visit my buddies from The Best Beer Blog. We will be doing a round-table video review of a very special beer (hint).

Ballast Point Sea Monster

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. I have a delicious beer in front of me now that deserves some attention! It’s my first-ever Ballast Point beer – Sea Monster imperial stout.

It’s a pretty standard imperial stout. Chalk-full of roasted bitterness but well balanced with thick toffee sweetness. The bitterness further dissipates as the brew warms up. On a related note, as it warms you don’t get any of the 10% ABV in the flavor.

Overall, a decent imperial stout, although nothing to write home about.

Ballast Point Sea Monster

On a final note, I realized that I hadn’t played a game of 20 questions on the LIBA Facebook page in some time, so I decided to play tonight using this beer. If you have a minute, check it out here.


Ballast Point Sea Monster

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3 thoughts on “Ballast Point Sea Monster”

  1. Ballast Point makes me proud, because just like them I am from San Diego. And San Diego has many great breweries – Ballast Point, Stone, Green Flash, Port Brewing/Lost Abbey, AleSmith – to the point where we have to be in contention for “most good breweries per capita.” Or at least in the conversation with cities like Portland.

    Anyway I haven’t had this beer. But if you get a chance, try their “Victory At Sea” Imperial Coffee Vanilla Porter. I am a giant fan, but other beer fans have given it mixed reviews. It also doesn’t show its alcohol, but unlike this beer it is anything but ‘standard’ for an imperial porter. If you try it I’d be really curious to hear your thoughts.

    PS – if you ever come to SoCal, we will need to do a LIBA meet up here.

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