Cupaca Pale Ale & Cupaca Honey Ale

Chupaca Beers

Tonight we went to Worcester for dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Mezcal. My wife and I have been on a crazy Mexican food kick, eating the stuff 2-3 times a week for the last month.

Although we had a reservation for 7:00, our table wasn’t ready and we had to wait 20 minutes to be seated. Very quickly, our waiter Mike made up for the wait; Mike was outgoing, friendly and helpful.

The food was absolutely fantastic. Their guacamole is out of this world. I recommend you get the guac flight, which includes their regular, tropical, and chunky guac. My favorite was the chunky which had (among other things) corn nuts in it.

Chupaca Chupacabra

Tonight I had my first ever Mexican craft beer. I didn’t even know craft beer existed in Mexico! Mezcal had a good Mexican beer bottle list (sorry no draught). The list included two different beers from Cucapa Brewery. I had to try them and give them a micro-review.

I had the Cucapa Chupacabras Pale Ale first. Interesting flavors. Complexities will occur in your mouth: sweet, then bitter, than sweet & bitter. A fantastic example of a well balanced Pale.

I must take a slight detour here to tell a story. My wife and I have a fascination with the Chupacabra (a mythical creature of South American lore). Why we have a fascination? I have no idea. In any event, a few years back I came home from work to a very excited wife…she claimed to have seen a Chupacabra while walking the dog earlier in the day. She proceeded to draw me a picture of said Chupacabra. I REALLY wish we still had the picture so I could post it – she drew a hunch-back dog with a really long tail. The picture was LOL funny. We showed the picture to all our friends because it was so hilarious.

For weeks she swore up and down that there was a Chupacabra on the loose in our neighborhood. That is until one day we say this guy walking a terribly ugly (hunch back) black dog that happened to have a strangely long tail.

Chupaca Honey

Next up I tried the Cucapa Honey Ale. Also very delicious. Full flavored, but not sweet and syrupy like other honey ales I have had. I could drink the honey ale all day and all night.

I was blown away at how good these two beers were. Low expectations I suppose. I have been set straight now. Love this brewery and can’t wait to try more stuff from them.


P.S. Yes, I took the bottles home with me to get good pictures. My awesome wife offered to stuff them in her purse.

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.