Dark Horse Too Cream Stout

Dark Horse Too Cream Stout

I’m just getting home from class earlier tonight. It’s a webmaster course. While 80% of the material is a re-hash of what I have taught myself over the years, the other 20% is super helpful; I’m enjoying the class.

I type this from the bedroom. Due to lack of good surfaces, I’m kneeling on the floor and using the bed as a laptop stand. I’ve been banished upstairs so I can watch the Bruins. Melissa is watching American Idol in the livingroom where I normally blog from.

Dark Horse Too Cream Stout

The beer of choice tonight is “Too” from Dark Horse Brewing. This will be my first Dark Horse beer.

After one sip I know this beer is a homerun…right in my wheelhouse.

* Super drinkable.
* Plenty of flavor, but not over complex.
* Coffee and roasted malt flavors dominate. As “Too” is a cream stout, I have to assume some of the roasted bitterness is cut down by lactose sugar being added.

If I have one complaint, it would be the appearance. It pours an unappetizing oil consistency. Limited head, which tonight particularly disappointed me; I’ve been trying to get a solid picture of head for some website updates I’m working on. Blast!

Overall, an excellent beer. I wish I had more than one to drink.


Dark Horse Too Cream Stout

Author: Joshua Dion

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