Dark Horse Tres

Dark Horse Tres

My cold is 100% gone. Thank God. It was the kind of cold that made me tired and kept me from tasting food and beer, nothing worse. How annoying. It’s behind me now and it’s time to plow forward. I’m getting back in the game with a Dark Horse Tres blueberry stout. In case you missed it, we played another game of 20 questions earlier tonight with this beer being the “answer”. It was an interesting game and I learned new things about beer!

This is the second beer I’ve tried from Dark Horse Brewing. The first (the cream stout) was FANTASTIC.

Dark Horse Tres

The “Tres” I’m drinking tonight smells like a blueberry ale with the addition of some roasted malt aromas.

The flavors are similar and frankly a bit funky. The blueberry is a bit lost in the coffee/toffee flavors. The beer is growing on me slowly….although it’s still far from great. Just OK in my opinion; a bit of a “meh” way to get the reviews flowing again.

Oh yeah baby, back on the horse! Feeling good. I may even do ANOTHER review tonight. *self-high-five*


Dark Horse Tres

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