Flying Dog Garde Dog Biere De Garde

Well, I’m off to the March LIBA beer-up today. The blog, as usual for a Saturday, is being left in the able hands of Silvio. On a personal note, congrats to Silvio on his exciting next step towards owning a new home! Princess Silvio….

Flying Dog Garde Dog

Fortune has finally smiled upon the house hunt. Wifey and I struck gold on St. Patty’s Day when our bid on the perfect house was accepted. Nice backyard, tons of space, room for a sports-themed man cave, and just blocks from the Metro D.C-area subway system – I even think it’s endearing the house is located on….Princess Street! 🙂

We still have to go through the inspection, appraisal and closing process, but I can just about picture how great it will be to sit in my back yard, drinking a cool beer on a hot summer day.

Flying Dog Garde Dog

Which brings me to this week’s review. I chose Flying Dog Brewery’s Biere de Garde, or Garde Dog brew. It’s a traditional French farmhouse ale, brewed in March for drinking in the spring and summer months. Sounded to me like the perfect brew to get excited about my new house!

Flying Dog Garde Dog

Garde Dog pours a high yellow color, with a cloudy hue and tall foam head. It strongly smells like a traditional hefeweizen – all kinds of spices, cloves and cinnamon in particular. My first sip was exactly what I expected, lots of flavor and spices, but not overbearing in any one direction. I also tasted hints of banana, but all the flavors fade through the middle, leaving a spicy malt end note.

Overall, this is an interesting beer. Tastes really cool, but not nearly as spicy as I’d hoped from the aroma. Because it’s so relatively light tasting, with a manageable 5.5% ABV, but still spicy, this is probably a good place to start for people who want to try a hefeweizen for the first time – a good hefe 101, if you will. I can definitely see myself cracking a few of these in the backyard of Princess Street this summer…


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