Narragansett Bock

Narragansett Bock

Tonight we ran an ass-load of errands immediately after work. Pharmacy, grocery store and the like. Lucky for me, it also included a trip to the liquor store. I was having a serious ‘Gansett Lager craving and needed me some tallboys.

We rushed home as I had an important date with Facebook – more 20 questions! We had a TON of players tonight.

The beer I am drinking is Narragansett Bock. This is their spring seasonal offering. I was lucky enough to be surprised earlier this week with a little ‘Gansett delivery at my front door. Two tallboys! Frickin right!!

Narragansett Bock

I will say that this beer has a ridiculously awesome head. I took about 40 pictures of it as I’m working on some new design concepts for the website that center around images of foam. She’s a star for the camera.

At first taste I’m frankly a little put-off. The beer is a bit more bitter than I expected. It grew on me quick though, and I’m starting to dig it. The bitterness is far from obnoxious or overpowering, and in fact it is spot-on for a bock.

I paired the brew with some vegan (seitan-based) stroganoff, which was marvelous.

The beer is no slouch at 6.5%. Now that I’ve moved onto the second tall-boy I expect to start feeling it. This brew certainly won’t replace my ‘Gansett lager tallboys, however it’s an interesting addition to my fridge. As far as Narragansett goes, I’d rank the ones I have reviewed as follows:

  1. Lager
  2. Porter
  3. Bock
  4. Fest


Narragansett Bock

Author: Joshua Dion

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