Southern Tier 422 Pale Wheat Ale

Southern Tier 422

Today I spent some more time on the LIBA redesign. Man, what a lot of work! Things are really starting to get solidified with the piece of the site I’m working on, so I’m happy with the progress.

After fiddling with code for hours, it’s time for a break…a BEER break!

Beverage of choice is a Southern Tier Pale Wheat Ale. The brew is a light little sucker – very summery.

Southern Tier 422

Full of citrus flavors, it tastes like it has an orange slice in it.

Super-bubbly carbonation doesn’t take away from the drinkability at all. You could drink this beer all day long. This beer came at an excellent time as we had a late March snowstorm today (total crap). Drinking this light and fuzzy refreshment gets me daydreaming; I imagine sucking down a six-pack by the pool or while grilling.


Southern Tier 422

Author: Joshua Dion

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