Dark Horse Scotty Karate

Dark Horse Scotty Karate

A couple of excited late-breaking LIBA-related notes:

1. The details around the next craft beer meet-up are 99% solidified. The event will be 4/30/11 at the Framingham British Beer Company. The formal invite should be out this weekend. If you’re from the greater Boston area, this is a can’t miss event as we have a special guest joining us.

2. Tomorrow evening I am attending a special opening party for Rock Bottom Brewery. I believe the event is invitation only and geared toward the press. I’m not sure what to expect. The last opening party I attended was the Sea Dog media night, which was an “interesting” experience. You can expect to see a recap of the Rock Bottom event posted on Sunday.

Dark Horse Scotty Karate

On to tonight’s beer, Scotty Karate from Dark Horse Brewing. Before I even get started I need to say: “awesome beer name!”.

Dark Horse recently started showing up at my local liquor store. Over the last couple of months I’ve checked out the “Too” (leg-humping good) and the “Tres” (meh).

Dark Horse Scotty Karate

The Scotty Karate (a Scotch Ale…get it?) is pretty damn tasty. Dark, and roasty tasting with a ton of sweetness kicking around. A really good example of this style of beer. Not terribly thick or syrupy like some other Scotties I have. Goes down really quick and I’m shocked to check the ABV and find out that it’s nearly 10%! Holy hell the booze is masked perfectly without over-sweetening the beer.

Another winner here! [insert any overused Charlie Sheen reference here]


Dark Horse Scotty Karate

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