Hill Farmstead Phenomenology of Spirit

Hill Farmstead Phenomenology of Spirit

It’s been a few days since my last review. The reason? I was out of beer! Well, at least I thought I was. How could I forget about this bottle of Hill Farmstead Phenomenology of Spirit? My dear mother picked this up during her trip to the brewery in February.

Hill Farmstead Phenomenology of Spirit

The beer is a dark saison. I’ve never had this style of beer before. I’m not sure what to expect.

The “Spirit” looks (in color) like a very dark brown ale, a porter, or maybe even a light stout. It has a lingering head similar to those styles as well.

This libation is aged in oak barrels which should add some interesting flavor. In addition, it contains a strain of yeast that creates a sour flavor. So I guess I should expect an oaky sour flavor?

Hill Farmstead Phenomenology of Spirit

Despite the color, the beer is light on the pallet. Full of swirling flavor. Mildly sour with the oak flavors I was expecting. What catches me off guard, however, is the tinge of piney hop action mixed in the middle. It plays with the sour incredibly well; the mix of flavors is something I haven’t experienced before.

It’s too bad that Hill Farmstead has fairly limited distribution right now. I would recommend you run out and get some, however unless you know where to find it in Vermont or New York, you’re out of luck. This brewery is up and coming, so hopefully in the coming years we will see wider distribution.

Many thanks to Mom for acquiring the beer for me!


Author: Joshua Dion

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