St. Bernardus Prior 8

Last night we attended a networking event in Cambridge. I knew we were going to a small(ish) restaurant and wasn’t sure what the beer selection would be like. Thus, I did not bring a camera or prepare to be “on-duty”. Mega fail! They had a small handful of craft bottled beer: Dogfish Head, Great Divide, and St. Bernardus were the ones I recall.

I saw the St. Bernardus Abt 12 and got uber excited. I haven’t tried it before, but heard good things. The cashier rummaged through the fridge and came up with a bottle of Prior 8 asking “is the orange one the same as the blue one?”. A potential beer douche moment if there ever was one. I very politely said no and asked him if he could find a bottle of “the blue one”. No luck..the last 4 bottles of the “blue one” were still on display, warm. So, “the orange one” would have to do.

The Prior 8 is 8% ABV dubbel style beer. If there is one word I could use to describe it, it would be: spicy! Yeasty characteristics as well. It did NOT, however, have any of that banana type flavor I sometimes pick up in these kinds of beer.

I will admit that I forgot to grab a glass and drank the beer out of the bottle. Even still, it was great and full-flavored. I’m sure I would have gotten more flavor had I used a glass….a good excuse to try it again!

I’m vowing to now carry my DSLR anytime I go out; you just don’t know when a craft beer moment will happen!

Author: Joshua Dion

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6 thoughts on “St. Bernardus Prior 8”

  1. Couldn’t they put it in the freezer real quick to make it your second beer? Then you’d have had an orange AND blue night. That would have been fun.

    Doesn’t your phone take photos? Or your wife’s phone?

    1. Rob:

      I was driving and was only going to have one beer. :)

      And yeah, I have a Droid 2. I tried taking pictures and they came out beyond awful. I almost posted the picture just to show how bad it was.


  2. That’s a beer that you really need to drink from a glass to fully appreciate it. You should try it again. I think St Bernardus has a nice holiday gift pack with a glass and 4 of their beers (maybe just 4 beers and no glass). I think it’s got a witbier, the Prior 8, the Abt 12, and the tripel. They’re all quite tasty.

  3. Runaway Jim is right – they’re all good. You’ll definitely have more flavors open up after it sits in a glass for awhile. btw, I had a Droid 2 and a Droid Pro, and both took crappy photos. Seriously crappy.

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