Uinta Cockeyed Cooper

Unita Cockeyed Cooper

Quick reminder before I jump right into tonight’s review…

This Saturday is the next Craft Beer Meetup. We frankly have had a terrible response to this event, with the fewest RSVPs I’ve ever seen for one of the meetups. If you are on the fence about coming to the event, I would be incredibly happy to see more people show.

/end public service announcement

Prior to opening this bottle of Uinta Cockeyed Cooper, I did some pre-gaming with ‘Gansett Lager. A very important Bruins playoff game is on tonight and I was gearing up for it…at least that’s the excuse I’m giving for binge drinking on a Wednesday night!

Unita Cockeyed Cooper

The first thing to say about this Cockeyed Cooper is: HOLY HEAD BATMAN. The epic fail on the pour was 100% my fault – too aggressive. But look at the head it produced. This foam is like pancake batter. And look at the lacing in the below photo…WTF? I’ve never seen lacing that thick. Pretty freaking cool.

Unita Cockeyed Cooper

This is a HUGE barleywine. Super complex flavors going on and 11.1% ABV. Dark fruit is the first flavor I pick up (raisins), followed by some burnt caramel. Plenty of booziness in the mix. If you drink the beer stone-cold, you’ll pick up some bitterness. Wait about 15-20 minutes for it to warm and it’s SWEET through and through.

Unita Cockeyed Cooper

The Cooper is bourbon barrel aged, however in this case neither the bourbon or the oak comes through for me. If the flavors are there, they are completely masked by the dark fruit and booze. No biggy though, as the beer is terrifically delicious. Beware though…this is a big beer and not for the weak of heart. Don’t expect to drink this puppy while sitting on the beach or grilling on the patio; this is a sipper.


Unita Cockeyed Cooper

P.S. Brady says “hello”!


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