Yards IPA

Yards IPA

No beer reviews from me the last couple of days because I have been…shockingly….out of beer! Made a beer run this afternoon though, so I’ll be back at it tomorrow. In the meantime, Silvio joins us as he does every Saturday. Today he reviews Yards IPA, an English IPA. Silvio….

Life is good, friends. After the long cold winter baseball season has finally begun. I absolutely love baseball and am super excited, even though my beloved Cubs seem destined to continue their history of futility. Wifey and I also got great news this week when we found out the home we’re buying passed appraisal, and we’re getting close to our closing. Nothing left to do but smile and crack a good beer.

On my last beer run, I was psyched to find two as-yet unreviewed beers from Yards Brewing Company. I discovered Yards last year and have reviewed several of their brews, absolutely loving almost every one of them. This week, I’m reviewing the Yards IPA.

Based solely on labeling and the Yards description, I expected a traditional IPA – extremely hoppy, with a lot of bitterness, meant to survive the 18th century trip from England to India. The pour was definitely in line with my expectations – a standard clear amber color, with a decent foam head. The aroma is balanced, hoppy and malty, and I picked up some nice floral notes in the background.

Yards IPA

However, the first sip wasn’t at all what I expected. The first sip is quite rich, and full of a muted fruitiness I couldn’t place. It reminded me of raisins or a fermented stone fruit, but not as sweet. The malts come out to play through the middle, more sweet than roasted, and I finally got the hops kick I was expecting toward the end. The one traditional aspect of this IPA is its long bitter note.

Overall, this beer is really good, but not at all traditional. I loved the mystery taste up front, and don’t think I’ve ever had a similar IPA. The ABV is decent, at 7.0%, and I could definitely drink a few of these in one sitting. Once again, Yards hits the mark!


Author: Silvio

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