Anchor Steam

Anchor Steam

Tonight I’m in class AGAIN. Meanwhile, the Bruins are playing a HUGE playoff game…AGAIN. F my life, but thank God for DVR. Remember when we used to have to use VHS to tape stuff? And just figuring out the VCR was ridiculous…the time had to be right, the TV had to be set to the right channel, the VCR had to be set up with the cable correctly, and you had to have the recording time and channel set up right. Not sure how we survived.

Anchor Steam

Speaking of recordings, I’m writing this review on Tuesday night.

I previously have reviewed only one Anchor beer – the Porter, which I thought was great.

FREEZE. Time out. I just had to kill the biggest Fing spider I’ve ever seen. Easily the size of a half dollar with the legs, maybe more. *heebies* YUK! Thank God for my cat who searches out all the spiders that come into the house.

Anchor Steam

OK, so I’ll never sleep tonight, but back to the beer. Anchor Steam is a delicious brew. Its primary flavor is malty deliciousness. Over at Beer Advocate all the reviewers talk about an “earthy” flavor, which I frankly don’t understand. Not saying they are wrong by any means. I just think that my tongue isn’t trained to pick up “earthy”.

I do get a caramel type maltiness which is thoroughly delicious. I recommend this one to anyone.


Anchor Steam

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  1. Earthy is a flavor often found in saisons, but some hops are earthy. I don’t think I’ve ever associated Anchor Steam with earthy flavors, but that just means I need to try it again. :)

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