Avery DuganA

Tonight I was chilling out and realized I had not heard anything from Silvio today. For nearly 2 years I’ve heard from Silvio every week. I actually got worried and emailed him making sure everything was OK. No worries though, Silvio is fine, just a little busy. As usual, he came through with a beer review for “Silvio Saturday”. Silvio…

Avery DuganA

Well, I’m a bad guest blogger this week. I’m a laggard on getting my review in to Josh, finally sitting down to drink my beer and type my review at 8:45 p.m. In my defense, I had a softball double header this morning and several hours of necessary DIY projects at my new house before we move in.

Regardless, it’s time to reward myself for a long day by drinking some good beer. I’m cracking open the Avery Brewing Company DuganA IPA. I’ve been a huge fan of Avery since I visited the Boulder brewery during their anniversary party last year, and am psyched to try this new offering. It’s billed as a “brutally bitter dank piney resinous ale designed for those seeing a divine hop experience.” Yeah, sign me up.

I got a thick foam head on the pour, with lots of sediment suspended throughout the glass. This is a cloudy dark copper colored beer, and the smell is incredibly hoppy. It’s seriously stanky, with some citrus notes and earthy notes. To me, this beer smells exactly like the Oskar Blues Gubna.

Avery DuganA

The taste isn’t what I expected. It’s definitely hoppy, but I wouldn’t call it stanky. Looks like I need to expand my hops adjective lexicon to include dank, meaning a juicy or earthy stanky. It’s not bitter up front, in fact it’s quite sweet from malts through the middle before ending on a long, bitter end note that stays with you for quite a while.

This is a serious and unique beer. I’ve never really tasted hops like this – sweet and juicy, if that makes sense. The sweet malts dominate the middle, but the bitter note really hangs around. I don’t think I’ve tasted two such dominant extremes before. The ABV isn’t too harsh at 8.5%, which means I could crush my 22 ounce bottle with no problems.

Overall, I’d definitely recommend this brew. And next week, I promise my review will be on time!


Avery DuganA

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