Brooklyn Summer Ale

Brooklyn Summer Ale

Just got home from class. Business law crash course – 3.5 weeks, 7 classes. I have a great teacher, which makes all the difference in the world. After this class is done with I’ll only have 4 classes left before graduation. WOOOT!

Brooklyn Summer Ale

Also on the WOOT front, the Bruins won their playoff game last night. You should have seen me. Melissa isn’t feeling well, so she was asleep on the couch while I watched. Every time the Bs scored I was silently jumping off the couch, fist pumping, dancing, and mouthing various celebratory comments. I was like a ninja fan…she never woke up!

Brooklyn Summer Ale

Enough yak-yak though, let’s get to the booze for tonight, right?

Brooklyn Summer Ale is where it is at on this fine Wednesday night. The beer is an English Pale ale. One of the key things I have learned in the 2+ years I’ve been trying beer is that any pale ale with “English” in front of it means it’s going to be more mild and sweet that their American style counterparts.

The Brooklyn doesn’t disappoint. It is all that you might expect from the description above. It starts out with a citrus hoppy flavor but before “the bitter” can really start attacking your face, it mellows into a malty, sugary finish. A beer like this could get syrupy for me, however Brooklyn has added plenty of bubbly carbonation which counteracts, making for a great mouthfeel.

This is a damn yummy summer beer. Of the 4 summer beers I’ve reviewed the last couple of weeks, this is my favorite! 6-pack worthy. Too bad I only have a single bottle…


Brooklyn Summer Ale

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  1. i had this the other day, was pretty good but nothing great.
    The gansette summer is my favorite right now, so good ice cold

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