Cisco Summer of Lager

Cisco Summer of Lager

So as you read this, you need to know that I reviewed this beer in the past…I’m scheduling this post for 24 hours in the future. Before reading this, you probably want to check out my review of Brooklyn Summer Ale as it came before this.

This Cisco lager is a unique little beer. It has a smell that I am completely unfamiliar with. If I were to guess, I would say they are using a type of hops I’m either unfamiliar with, or have never had. The best word I can come up with is “stanky”, although I’m not sure that’s even right.

The flavor has the same character, although less powerful than the aroma. The flavor is strange for me and I really have no idea what to think of it or how to explain it!

Have you tried this beer? What does it taste like to you?


Cisco Summer of Lager

Author: Joshua Dion

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