Long Trail Blackberry Wheat

Long Trail Blackberry Wheat

I have had an adventurous evening thus far. I had received free Red Sox tickets through the Big Brother Big Sister program and was taking my little brother to the game. I shot out of work a little early to beat traffic, driving 45 minutes to pick him up and another hour into Boston. We’ve been having miserable weather – 40s and rainy; today was no exception. We get into town, find free parking (WOOT) and then hit Fenway. We gobble down some $20 pizza and then head to our seats. As we’re about to sit down, game postponed. Waaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (fail noise).

Turn around, drive the kid home, drive myself home.

Long Trail Blackberry Wheat

The three hours I spent hanging out with my bro was great though, so it was worth the driving. On the even brighter side, I get to watch the Bruins game tonight, which thus far has been an absolutely amazing game.

I’m sitting down mid-game to review this Long Trail Blackbeery Wheat.

Long Trail Blackberry Wheat

I’ve had this beer before, but never reviewed it. I’ve even had the pleasure of visiting the Long Trail brewery in Vermont and having this beer on tap there. Alas, it was before my beer blogging days.

Long Trail Blackberry Wheat

I’m initially amazed at how light colored the beer is. Things go downhill from here unfortunately.

Something seems off with this beer tonight. The smell seems wrong and the taste is equally funky. I can’t even tell you what I’m exactly tasting. It reminds me of really bad flavor extract. Oversweet and not good tasting at all.

The date stamp on the bottle is from last month. Do you suppose that’s a born on date, or a “good by” date?

I do believe I’ll need to try this again at a later time!


Long Trail Blackberry Wheat

Author: Joshua Dion

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1 thought on “Long Trail Blackberry Wheat”

  1. I’m guessing the date on the bottle is the date it was bottled. Most beers, if they have a “best by” date (which I, personally, don’t like as much), will say “best by”. Usually, if it’s just a date with nothing else, it’s probably the bottled on date.

    BTW- the reason I prefer a “bottled on” date as opposed a “best by” date is because then the consumer can decide if the beer is worth buying. Most breweries don’t tell you how far out that “best by” date is set, but with a “bottled on” date, you can decide just how aged you like your beer. The decision as to whether or not a beer is still good should fall on the consumer, not the brewery. Plus, having a bottled on date helps people who age their beers know just how old it is.

    Anyway, that beer is probably pretty fresh. If the best by date was last month, it’d probably be pretty bad.

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