Magic Hat Wacko

Magic Hat Wacko

Today I sat on my ass all day recovering from a hangover. And I didn’t get drunk last night…this is a Boston Bruins related hangover. The team, who is in the Eastern Conference finals, were completely destroyed last night in game 1 of the series. BOO!

Magic Hat Wacko

I did get some stuff done today, the biggest being getting our vacation to New York City booked. We are going for a long weekend in July. I’m an over-analyzer and spent countless hours researching hotels before pulling the trigger. I’m excited to have it booked and looking forward to spending a balmy July weekend in the Big Apple.

Magic Hat Wacko

Thinking about summer weather put me in the mood for a summer beer, so I grabbed this Magic Hat Wacko from the fridge. I’ve had this beer before, and could have swore I reviewed it. My beer catalog says otherwise.

Wacko is an interesting beer primarily because of the unique color. Magic Hat uses beet juice to color the beer, resulting in a light cranberry juice appearance.

Magic Hat Wacko

Color aside, the beer is unremarkable. It’s a very light beer with no noticeable aroma and limited flavor. It’s heavily carbonated.

In summary: unique color and easy to suck down, but otherwise boring.


Magic Hat Wacko

Author: Joshua Dion

I write about beer in an un-intimidating way, welcoming beer lovers of all experience levels.

3 thoughts on “Magic Hat Wacko”

  1. i had this at the brewery the year it was released, it actually had a lot of flavor and a much deeper color. The wife an I killed a growler in no time. originally the Beets were a bigger part of the brew than just a colorant.
    Unfortunately they changed this brew and I agree it’s pretty boring, if it had not changed this would still be an awesome, unique beer.

  2. Your review could be used to review all their other beers. Boring, and unremarkable. Magic Hat is getting beat by so many other breweries right now.

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