Newcastle Summer

Newcastle Summer

Well my day went COMPLETELY differently than I expected when I woke up. The day started as it always does. I got up at 7am, went downstairs to feed the pets and checked my email. Multiple emails from my mother explaining how my grandmother was in the hospital and was not doing well. Bummer. Work? Nope! Impromptu trip to Vermont? Yup. Woke wifey up and hit the road. Back at home now. Grandma seemed to improve today, but I have to guess that she doesn’t have a ton of time left even if she pulls through this time. Such is life. Soak up every minute because none of us know which day will be our last!

Newcastle Summer

So, on that note, I should be reviewing beer! I reached into the fridge and initially pulled out an IPA. Started walking away and realized I wanted something summery. Today was the first day in probably 2 weeks that we got good weather. 80 with spotty showers instead of 50s and solid rain.

Newcastle Summer it is.

Newcastle Summer

Now, I have to remind you that I am NOT a fan of Newcastle proper.

The Newcastle Summer is an English Bitter by style – something I’m very unfamiliar with and won’t be able to rate based on experience with other beers of this type.

I can tell you that from square one I like the Newcastle Summer WAY more than Newcastle Brown.

What I like about it:

      Well balanced, teetering on the bitter side. A hint of lemon.


    Refreshing and drinkable.

What I don’t like about it:

      The smell is terrifically weird. Surprisingly it doesn’t ruin the flavor.


    Funky aftertaste.

A mediocre beer for me. I do appreciate that Newcastle is trying new things (the summer was introduced in 2010). If you’re into Newcastle, I’d be interested to know what you think of the Summer!


Newcastle Summer

Author: Joshua Dion

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