Samuel Adams Cream Stout

Samuel Adams Cream Stout

You are reading this on Monday and I have class again, so I queued up a review from last night.

I’m watching Family Guy tonight. I love the show, but don’t watch it all the time. Tonight they are showing the Return of the Jedi spoof episode “It’s a Trap”. Absolutely hilarious.

Samuel Adams Cream Stout

I’m pairing tonight’s TV with some Samuel Adams Cream Stout. I’m sure I’ve had this beer at some point years ago. I saw it in Silver Lake Liquors the other day and realized: #1: I really dig Sam Adams and #2: I really dig cream stouts. Seems like a no-brainer!

Cream stouts have lactose added which give them a sweetness. This Sammy A’s is spot-on for the style. It starts with robust roasted flavors and quickly gets mellowed out by the aforementioned sweetness. The roasted flavors are so well toned down that I can’t put my finger on them…coffee or chocolate are the likely candidates.

Overall a tasty brew, albeit quite sweet. If you’re new to craft beer and want to try a cream stout, this is a perfect example of one.


Samuel Adams Cream Stout

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