Sierra Nevada Kellerweis

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis

Later tonight I’m hanging out around my old stomping grounds in New Hampshire. We are celebrating Michelle’s birthday. Michelle has been a friend of mine for years, going back way before I was really into craft beer.

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis

For a little pre-game action I’m reviewing Sierra Nevada Kellerweis. This is a perfect fit for tonight as Hefeweizen was probably the first craft beer style I fell in love with way back when…Michelle and Hefe are old friends of mine.

This brew was guest reviewed well over a year ago and you can check out that review here.

On another note, this beer appeared on my 2011 New Beers Resolutions. Woot! Check, another resolution complete!

Sierra Nevada Kellerweis

The Kellerweis has a subtle head that hangs around forever. It’s a very hazy light orange color.

Flavors are clove and citrus. Not terribly complex, however full flavored nonetheless. I’d say it would go well with an orange slice in it, but frankly you don’t need it given how strong the citrus taste is.

It’s a solid beer and I honestly can’t find anything wrong with it. That said, the hefe style doesn’t really do it for me anymore though. It’s kinda sad as I have such fond memories of first getting acquainted with it so long ago.

Is there a style of beer you once were bonkers for and have since lost the desire for?


Sierra Nevada Kellerweis

Author: Joshua Dion

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4 thoughts on “Sierra Nevada Kellerweis”

  1. I felt that way about brown ales for quite some time. I’m getting back into them now. In fact, I don’t think there are any styles at this point that I would say I’m not that into, though wheat beers have to be well crafted for me to enjoy them. Otherwise, they’re just “meh”.

  2. Kellerweis is an excellent hefeweizen, and I am convinced it would easily stand up to the standard bearers of the the beer type in Germany. On the beer styles you used to love and now are indifferent to, I wonder for how many people it is a case of having their taste buds raped by overly boozy hop bombs and thus forgetting how normal, well made beer tastes?

    1. Velky Al:

      That very well could be the case for some people. I’m not a fan of IPA, so my tongue hasn’t undergone the raping you speak of. :)


  3. I have yet to try Kellerweiss, but the measuring stick for Hefe’s for me is Weinstephaner. I think it’s currently the top rated hefe and the first one I had that I really enjoyed.

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