Sierra Nevada Summerfest

Sierra Nevada Summer Fest

So last night following my two beer reviews I was up half the night. Why you ask? Battling an F-ing virus infection on my wife’s computer. This has been a multi-month wrestling match. My background is in tech so I’m good at this stuff. Whatever is infecting her computer is a nasty little bastard that keeps coming back. I’ve got multiple spy/malware/virus scanner programs running and none of it is stopping the problem from coming back. I have a hunch that a nasty Internet Explorer toolbar is causing the issues. Tonight I’m back in the right, cleaning the hard drive again.

Man, I need a beer.

Sierra Nevada Summer Fest

This Sierra Nevada Summerfest should do the job. It’s a delicious golden color that smelled citrusy the second I poured it. This is a Czech Pilsener, which I understand means that it is lighter in flavor and less bitter than other Pilsners.

There is a great mix of hop flavors in the Sierra Nevada Summerfest. A little bit of floral, a little bit of pine, and a little bit of citrus. Add to the mix some malty, buttery sweetness and you’ve got a delicious summer treat.

I really need to review more Sierra Nevada beers…like Sam Adams, I know everything they make is decent at worst!


Sierra Nevada Summer Fest

Author: Joshua Dion

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