Tuckerman’s Pale Ale

Ladies at MTs

As I mentioned earlier today I was in Nashua this past Thursday. While up there Melissa, myself, and Ecolissa Model Michelle hit up an old stomping ground of ours…MT’s (formerly Michael Timothy’s) in downtown Nashua. Back in the day (~7 years ago) when Melissa and I lived in downtown Nashua we spent every Friday night at this place. Great food, great atmosphere, and great drinks.

Beyond an excellent wine and liquor selection, they have 4 craft beer taps. I had the Berkshire Maibock and the Tuckerman’s Pale Ale on this particular evening. The Maibock seemed way off to me. It’s been awhile since I had it last, but I remember it being different. In talking with some folks I understand that Berkshire may have consistency problems. All that aside, despite being different than last year, the Maibock was still great.

I had never reviewed the Tuckerman’s Pale Ale. It’s Michelle’s favorite beer, so I felt obligated. Michelle says that it’s a perfectly refreshing beer that will leave you saying “ahhhhhhh”. My opinion? Burnt orange in color with limited head, it’s a well balanced pale ale. Citrusy. Perhaps just a touch too harsh on the hops.

Oh, and it went well with my cheese platter. Three thumbs up (two from Michelle, one from me).


Tuckermans Pale Ale

Author: Joshua Dion

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