Wachusett Green Monsta IPA

Wachusett Green Monsta IPA

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! A huge thank you to our troops and to the countless men and women who have given their lives to protect our way of life. A very special prayer goes out to my college buddy Frank stationed in Afghanistan – stay safe good buddy. As you enjoy your cookouts and craft beer today, please remember why we celebrate!



Saturday night the wife and I hung out with Norm, the beer nut. There was a UFC pay-per-view on and so we hit up a local Applebee’s. Terrifically awful food. Relatively lame beer selection. Free viewing of the fight though!

I ordered some shrimp fajitas and drank Wachusett Green Monsta IPA all evening. Besides the bbq sauce on the fajitas (WTF?!?!), the food actually wasn’t that bad. The fajitas were fairly spicy and it matched well with the Green Monsta.

Green Monsta is a mild American IPA in my opinion. It more closely resembles a really hoppy pale ale or even an English IPA. I’ve happened to have a bottle of it in my fridge and drinking it now my opinion doesn’t change from having it on tap. This is a terrific IPA for those of you who aren’t huge hop heads. Caramel sweetness mellows out the floral/piney hop action while still leaving a stiff bitterness in the aftertaste. Go out and give it a go. Good stuff!


Wachusett Green Monsta IPA

Author: Joshua Dion

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