Yards General Washington Tavern Porter

Yup, I know it – I’ve been off the radar. Busy, busy here. In tomorrow’s post I’ll get everyone caught up. For the moment, this week’s episode of Silvio Saturday will hold you over! Oh, and the late posting time of today’s review is on me as I was in Boston all morning/afternoon today. Silvio…

Yards General Washington Tavern Porter

Even though my move was last weekend, this week has been filled with clearing out the remnants of our old apartment, selling stuff on Craigslist (check me out if you live near DC) and putting stuff away. Basically, getting back to normal life – a big part of which is getting my reviews to Josh on Saturday morning. :)

Yards General Washington Tavern Porter

So, this week I’m reviewing Yards Brewing Company’s Ales General Washington’s Tavern Porter. This is the third beer in their Ales of the Revolution series. I’ve previously reviewed their Thomas Jefferson Tavern Ale and Poor Richard’s Tavern Spruce, and LOVED them both. This line is brewed with original recipes from the late 1700’s, which means lots of ingredients brewers don’t widely use anymore.

Yards General Washington Tavern Porter

The beer pours a deep dark red hue, and looks like a root beer. It’s got a super sweet aroma with a clear molasses smell and hints of alcohol behind the sweetness, surprising because it’s only a 7% ABV. There’s a typical creamy porter head, but it didn’t really stick around for long and left just a small foam crown during my drinking. So far, pretty much what I expected.

But then I tasted the brew and was thrown a huge curveball. Instead of the sweet molasses I anticipated from the aroma, this beer tastes smoky, almost like a bourbon beer with hints of oak barrel aging. The funny thing is that it works really well – the smoky wood combines really nicely with the molasses background to create a sweet barbeque flavor. I love barbeque, so this was right up my alley.

Like the other Yards Revolution series brews, this beer probably isn’t for everyone. It’s got a really unique flavor, which I totally dug, but I could see how people would get turned off by a barbeque beer. In addition, the taste is pretty strong, so I don’t think I could have more than two of these in one sitting. However, the uniqueness is exactly why I highly recommend it to LIBA Nation. You’re probably not going to find a beer that tastes like this anywhere else.


Yards General Washington Tavern Porter

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