Cisco Pechish Woods

Cisco Pechish Woods

In yesterday’s post I talked about having dinner and drinks with our friend’s Adam and Elina. We drank some Jolly Pumpkin Sam Biere and followed it up with Cisco Pechish Woods – the topic of this post.

The Pechish Woods is essentially the Grey Lady Ale with peaches. Grey Lady is one of my favorite beers and I frequently recommend it to wine lovers looking to try out the craft beer world; the oaky notes remind me of white wine.

Cisco Pechish Woods

I got a chance to try Pechish Woods at the American Craft Beer Festival three weeks ago and REALLY liked it. I believe it is a limited release, so I frankly didn’t expect to see it at my liquor store. We were in change of bringing some wine and beer to Elina & Adam’s place, so we swung by the liquor store. I purposely made a pass through the aisle with Cisco and BLAMO – Cisco Woods. But UGH…$18 for the bottle? Damn man.

The beer has all the oaky flavors that Grey Lady brings to the table, which is just delicious. The peaches mix with the wild (sour producing) yeast resulting in a an uber light, sour, peachy, oaky beverage. Unique for sure. It reminded me a lot of a Berliner weisse.

Given the price I honestly can’t recommend the beer for everyone. Who would I recommend it to? #1: Anyone who is a fan of Grey Lady. #2: Anyone really into sour beers. #3: Anyone into trying unique beers regardless of the cost.


Author: Joshua Dion

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