Goose Island Demolition

Goose Island Demolition

Tonight I got home from a long day at work and REALLY wanted a beer. Normally this would be a ‘Gansett Lager kinda night, but I don’t have any on hand. I know…WTF, right? I’m flush out of “drinking” beer. Nothing but review beer in the fridge. This Goose Island Demolition will have to do. It’s the lightest colored beer I have on hand.

Goose Island Demolition

Someone gave me this for my birthday in April…I believe it was my friend Kevin. Many thanks to who ever it was.

Goose Island Demolition

A quick time-out for a rant. I was drinking this while grilling some dinner, which brings me to the rant – spiders. WTF is it with spiders and grills? Can’t you go make your stupid webs somewhere else? All I want to do is reach in and turn on the propane tank! But noooooooooooo, I have to get out the lighter and flame out a bunch of spiders beforehand. Stupid spiders.

OH, and to all of you who are about to say “spiders are good, they get rid of the other bugs”, guess what? None of the other bugs are nearly as creepy as spiders, and I would prefer the other bugs over spiders.

/rant off

Goose Island Demolition

The brew is TERRIFIC for pairing with Playstation 3 and grilling. It’s a Belgian Pale Ale and the “pale” part comes through initially in the flavor in; it’s got a good amount of hop character. The “Belgian” part starts shining through half way through the bottle, adding mild spicy/clovey notes one might expect.

I could drink 50…no, 1000 of these beers. Highly recommended.


Goose Island Demolition

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  1. I laughed out loud at ‘terrific for pairing with playstation 3’. I was expecting some sort of food :)

    Adding this one to the list of stuff to try – damn I love goose island.

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