Long Trail Double Bag

Long Trail Double Bag

Tonight I had an eye opening beer-experience. Way back in the day before I was really into craft beer I tried Long Trail Double Bag. The stuff knocked me on my ass. Two bottles and it was night-nights. An evening of Double Bag wasn’t all fun and games though…the stuff tasted so damn strong to me that I had a rough time downing even a single bottle.

Fast forward 10 years to tonight…

Long Trail Double Bag

I had a bottle of the Double-B in the fridge (once again, courtesy a birthday present) and decided to break it open. Come to find out, I now find Double Bag thoroughly enjoyable. I guess that says a lot about how my pallet has changed without me realizing it.

Big, caramely and sweet for sure, but not as scary as I remember it. I’m plowing through this 1pt 6oz bottle. I will say this…if anything, I now find it remarkably sweet. If I don’t finish the bottle it will be for that reason. The sweetness is, no doubt, an attempt to mask some of the 7% ABV.

Not a beer for the casual bud drinker. I’ll definitely consider buying it again sometime.


Long Trail Double Bag

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